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French Braid with Marley Hair on Natural Hair

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Simple. Elegant. Chic.
Three words that describe this beautiful protective style for natural hair.  If you have long hair, this is a perfect style to sport for a different look.  Short to medium length natural hair?  Not a problem – add some Marley hair for a fuller, longer braid.  Check out the video tutorial below!

Can’t see the video?  Click here!
You can also check out this step-by-step pictorial!
What you’ll need for this style: 
Bobbi Pins
Bundle of Marley Hair (with a rubber band wrapped around the middle and a Bobbi pin attached)
  • Start on stretched hair.
  • Section out a portion of hair in the front and add Marley hair by attaching Bobbi pin to section.
  • Find the middle of the Marley hair and wrap sectioned off hair around the bundle.  Secure with pin.
  • Create three equal sections of your Marley hair and add small sections of your real to them to blend with braiding.
  • Create a french braid and braid all the way down to the end of your strands.
  • Jazz up look with accessories.

And yes, it is absolutely necessary (not really) to try out a headband or other accessory even if you don’t wear it out.  Why?  Because it’s fun and it adds so much LIFE to the look! Ahhh, I love it!  I can’t wait to try this look with flowers for Spring.
Styles like this make it easy for me to grow out my shaved sides without putting a lot of unnecessary stress on them.  It’s one thing to want them to blend, but over manipulation could seriously wreck havoc on my delicate edges and temples – no bueno.
So tell me: Would you wear this french braid? How would you jazz it up?