Natural Hair: Romantic Braided Updo for Straight Hair

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Before I got bored with my straightened natural hair, I decided to play with some styles and this is one that I truly loved! OMG!  The wispy curls, the elegant braid, the simplicity of the makeup (has nothing to do with the braid but has everything to do with the look) was on point.

Wanna learn how to create this hairstyle?  Check it out:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

So the braid is a fishtail braid mixed with a regular three-strand braid and I used a few Bobbi pins to secure the curls to manipulate how they fall and frame my face.  That’s it!  Considering I am growing my sides back out you would think they would be an issue, but they weren’t in the slightest.  This style can be done on short/medium lengths and beyond!  I am absolutely in LOVE with this style – so easy, so romantic, so simple! 

What is your favorite or go-to style when you’re rockin’ your straight natural hair?