The Finals Days (26-28) Are Only The Beginning! [The Self Love Project]

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Day 26

The affirmation for today speaks so much life into my life.  I am soooooooo grateful – words aren’t enough.  I woke up praising, yanno?  God I thank you for inner peace.  There are some people who are internally battling issues they may have with themselves.  I’m not one of them.  I am thankful!
God, I thank you for strength.  I feel myself getting stronger mentally and physically every. single. day.  I exercise my mind and body to gain the strength I need to conquer days ahead.  Thank you for filling me with strength.
God, I am ever so grateful for health.  I am in perfect health… I can’t ask for more.
And lastly, thank you God for my light.  I shine so brightly because you live inside of me.  This little light of mine…

“I am grateful unto God for inner peace, strength health and light.”

Day 27
Guys, I’m having an affair and am in love.  I am completely head-over-heels with myself!
And my loved ones shouldn’t feel threatened at all.  Know why?  

“Because I love myself first, I can freely and genuinely love others.”

That’s how it works.  Since I love who I am and everything about myself, flaws and all, I am fully capable of loving others without judgements.  Agape love – loving unconditionally.  The feeling that it gives me is indescribable.  Is this how God feels towards us?  He loves regardless of what chaos we create.  Can we say that same thing about loving others?  Can we look beyond their faults and love them regardless of their circumstance?
Race, religion, sexual preference – none of that – should be a reason why we don’t show love to someone.  We love ourselves, right?  We aren’t perfect, right?  My husband said something so profound today: “Don’t worry about it, we’ve got the love and support from the ones who matter most”.

And he’s right.

This is why I am able to love others.  This is why I can genuinely put forth an effort to see past whatever it is that can divide us and use it to bring us together.  Love you guys!

Day 28
Although it is the last day of the Self Love Project, it is the first day of the rest of my life.  This project has taught me the importance of loving who I am in that very moment.  There were times I would take pictures of myself and have the slightest urge to say something like “ugh, what is this” BUT because I am in the business of loving myself regardless of what is going on on the outside, I found it easier to accept me even if I’m not super modeling it out for the day… and to see the beauty in others. Everything isn’t as it appears to be from the outside, yanno?  But I’ve learned to be aware of how I’m feeling on the inside because it affects how I’m behaving on the outside.  True story.   Smiles change lives, even our own, so I know that I can smile and make someone’s day even if it only mine so when I’m in a funk, I smile.  It changes the game… just try it! 
And I didn’t forget about pampering myself daily, no sir!  Everyday I have been doing something great for myself whether it be throwing out old granny panties that serve no purpose to keeping me sexy (I gotta feel it in every aspect and grannies weren’t giving it to me) or even going out for a full fledge massage, I was giving myself something worth looking forward to.  My quiet time, my work time, my family time – all of that – worked together to make me one happy woman.
My words during this time were only words of life, light and uplift.  Even if, at times, they didn’t make sense to others they served as a constant reminder to love and live my life fully.

Going forward, I am prepared to conquer the world because I am conquering me first.
It starts here from the inside out.

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life.”