The ULTIMATE Beauty Haul + Swatches

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I been shoppin’, I been shoppin’!  Yea so I went a lil OD these last few weeks in the cosmetics department (#unashamed) and I wanted to share with you all some of my beauty finds!  I think I paid for one thing full price (the mascara) and everything else was on super sale.  Most of the items I purchased from Target, but the polishes I scored from Urban Outfitters for $3! Yes, 12 polishes for only $3 ANDDDD they are cute! #hello
I’m also showing you a few lip swatches from my lipstick finds.  Check it out below!

Foundation and Concealer – L’oreal Paris True Match in C7 
and Revlon Nearly Naked in Natural Tan
Apparently, L’oreal is coming out with a truer formula of their C7 foundation, powder and C6-7-8 concealer so the “old” formula was on sale.  Welp, guess who the old formula works perfectly for?  You guessed correctly if you said moi.  You can check out the post I have about the L’oreal True Match Collection here.  Also, I saw this Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in the stash and wanted to give it a whirl.  It’s actually a few shades lighter than me so I figured it would be good for highlighting.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

Mascara Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam in Black
I am a sucker for packaging!  I actually have used the Scandal Eyes line before (orange tube) and LOVED IT!  I had to stick to the “family” that I know and go for the retro glam.  I used this recently and I do like the results.  Nice thick black lashes… I’ll keep using it, though.

LipstickColor Mates in Fuchsia 
It’s okay, nothing to brag about and was only 90 cents.  Gives a medium sheer finish, nothing opaque and is in a purplish shade (clearly you know I love that).  You can see it here since I used it for this Natural makeup look.

Nail Polish Four Mini Nail Polishes (3 Boxes) from Urban Outfitters
These really are mini, but the color payoff is so great (awesome colors for the Spring/Summer)!  Def need two coats (don’t skimp) and it dries fairly quickly so you won’t be waiting around forever with wet nails.  Here are the color names (not sure if they sell the big size of these colors or not)
Front Row (l-r): Blue Velvet, Hottub, Base, Love Letter, Swan Lake, Partyyy
Back Row (l-r): Luster, Applause, Double Dare, Mirror Mirror, Ballerina, Ringo

Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor
Own tons of Covergirl lipstick and I love how smooth they go on! Colors def don’t disappoint.
(l-r) 220 Hypnotic, 345 Everlasting and 255 Delish

Boots Botanics Lip Colour
This is my first time purchasing the Boots Botanical cosmetic line period.  I like these colors, they aren’t as opaque but still give off great color… except for the red – do you see that bold, red lip?  I can’t wait to sport these in the Spring when you want to keep the makeup light and fun!
(l-r) 010 Peach, 060 Red, 008 Geranium

Maybelline “The Buffs” Lipstick in 935 Sin-a-Mon 
and L’oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche in 177 Fiery Veil
That Maybelline lipstick was one of the FIRST color I reached for this past weekend and it is sooooo pretty! I love it! I don’t know exactly what I was expecting with the L’oreal lippie, but it’s glossy instead of matte like I expected.  I can’t wait to incorporate it into a look.

Boots No7 Lipgloss in Angel Cake and Boots No7 Sheer Temptations in Attract
I paired the lipgloss with the Maybelline lipstick and I really like that color combo (not pictured).  It’s not too shimmery, but gives you that gloss effect that you want.  The Sheer Temptations is exactly that – sheer, and gives off a nude effect.  I actually wasn’t expecting it to look like this, but maybe I can use it on my “no makeup” look days.  It will be interesting to see how it works into my regimen. Oh! and it left my lips extremely soft!!

L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Caresse Wet Shine Stain in 
Berry Persistent 186 & Stubborn Plum 191
Alright so these colors are suppose to look wet and I just don’t feel like I used enough of them for this swatching situation.  I will have to try again with these, but they have a tacky feel so that they can dry on your lips in that wet look. Uhhhh… still don’t know about these.  Verdict is still out.

L’oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Lip Liner in Plum
Looooooove the matte look I created with the liner.  It is such a pretty, pretty color.  Def make sure your lips are well moisturized before sporting this color without anything on top though, most liners can be very drying.
WHEW! I told you all this was a huge haul!  Let me know if you own any of the products mentioned and how you love them (if you do).  What other new cosmetics have you purchased recently?