MANE Events – Protective Styling with Xpress Your Kinks ‘Fro Kinks Collection

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I’m feeling myself.  Like literally… You can’t tell me NATHAN!

And to make matters worse, I won’t have to do my hair for a few weeks… maybe even a month. Why?  Because I’m protective styling my natural hair, baby!  Thanks to my girlfriend Ephinae, owner of Xpress Your Kinks, your girl will be rocking the ‘Fro Kinks collection.

I received two colors: Burnt Sugar (Blonde) and Hot Cinnamon (Reddish Brown), both in two bundles each.  I used only three bundles (I still have a bundle of blonde left – I have a small head), but I plan on keeping that around for the next time.  The hair looks and behaves just like type 4 natural hair – it’s kinky, fine, and curls/coils around itself.  It definitely blends perfectly!!

To prep my hair, I used a spray bottle with water (washed my hair earlier in the week) and I also used Giovanni Direct Leave-In all over my hair making my hair damp enough to be pliable, but not drenched by any means.  To install, I grabbed a small section of hair, applied a small amount of Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream and literally just braided at the root and that’s it.  And guess what, fam!? My sides were long enough to catch! I’m so excited, but also nervous, because they are a tender area (always have been) so I’m being careful to not pull too tight or put too much weight on them.
If I could make one complaint it would be that I didn’t have Ephinae install them for me because it would have been an uninterrupted session.  I kept having to stop and do things so the process wasn’t as seamless as I would have liked, but it really didn’t take long AT ALL to install.  I’d say I only worked for maybe 3 hours? Give or take… because with my sides it took a little longer for me to catch them since I was being gentle.

I rocked the ‘fro for just the night (it was brutal to upkeep during my workout) and have opted to twist it up.  I have seen the power of this hair and want to rock the twist out I know it can produce.  I’ll keep these twists in for 2-3 days … maybe longer since I’m in the process for moving.  They are cute just in these twists so I know the twist out will be BOMB.COM!

As always, you know I’ll keep you guys posted on the hair, the results and more.  Check me out on Instagram for realtime updates. In the meantime, Xpress Your Kinks and I have partnered up to give you guys an EXCLUSIVE deal on this hair:
$11.99 for this weekend only (starts Friday, April 18, 2014 and ends Sunday, April 20, 2014)
Just text 678.871.7858 with #pRoy #forkinks and your order.  You can view information on hair colors, etc. on their website
Have you ever used the ‘Fro kinks collection hair? What are your thoughts?  If you haven’t, would you use it?
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    how much packs did u purchase and what’s the cost

  • Did you ever do a follow-up post showing your twist-out? I’d love to see it. I’m thinking seriously about ordering this hair.