How the Movers Saved and Destroyed My Life Simultaneously

The excitement of moving overtakes your spirit until the reality of the situation arises: you have to pack up your whole house! The whole house, guys … Marinate on that. Just the contents in the “junk drawer” gives me lightweight anxiety. Packing the whole house? Talk about an itching fest waiting to happen!

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Fortunately, hubby and I had movers. In a previous post I discussed the fact they packed everything in 8hrs. They took the time to wrap up everything just to make sure there were no moving parts while the boxes took a trip to their new home. They even went so far as to label everything according to room, type of items, oh! and packed the whole truck (and house for that matter) without us lifting a single finger. 

The problem with packing everything is that there are SOME THINGS we need to survive without having to go out and repurchase everything for the days we have left in our residence. When I took a look back, it was a struggle getting through this past week. The very things we take for granted were no longer at our fingertips – no pillows, no towels, no random pencil/paper to take notes, no dress shoes for work and certainly no corkscrew to drink that much needed glass of wine to help you relax from the anxiety attack that you’re having from not having what you need. 
But wait: why did I buy a bottle of wine to celebrate our new home and forget that I didn’t have a corkscrew? We own at least 7, yanno… #thingswetakeforgranted
Unpacking is also filled with its share of Catch 22s. On one hand, you have the option for a full unpack. Sounds cool, right? Except they will leave all of your belongings, valuables, and most coveted treasures in random piles on the floor/couch/table because they just unpack and they don’t put it away. Cool. So we make the better choice of just getting our stuff delivered to unpack it ourselves (with the love and care we know we can give it), and once we are done, we’ll call the movers to collect the debris… 
Except there’s tons on top of tons of paper from the boxes which they so delicately placed our belongings, accounting for huge piles of trash/trash bags in our already packed to capacity (due to the high volume of boxes) living space. Not to mention someone dropped the ball and forgot to deliver/pack (don’t know which one it is) the parts to put the furniture back together. 
Le sigh…
So as I stand here looking at this dissembled bed and entertainment system and ponder how on Earth one can misplace a chaise pillow/backrest, I have a certain urge to find some stemware to drink this much needed glass of wine. Fortunately for everyone I found the corkscrew

  • Toia B.

    Wow! Moving definitely comes with its share of trials and stories! How bout moving into an apartment, never-not-once opening this one box o’ crap for the 5 YEARS you live there (so that means you must not really need its contents, right?) but then taking it with you when you move again? :-/ LOL! FYI- not my box o’ crap. Haha! I love that you’re taking us on this journey with you. I’ve been enjoying it. 🙂