Makeup: Sigma Makeup Brush Dupes for $16

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Last month, Hubby kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I realized just how much like my mother I am.  I kept saying “just for you to be nice” as a response, something he totally wasn’t buying.  After pricking and prodding, asking me question after question about what I might would want, need, etc., he was stomped.  Hell, I was, too.  I just really didn’t know what I wanted.
One day, while applying my makeup, I realized just how raggedy my brushes are.  Sure, I have a few that are “aight”, but I don’t have a set of tools that would make my makeup application flawless and easier to execute. 
“That’s it”, I thought. “Makeup brushes are all I want.”
I told Hubby about my epiphany and since we stay near the Mall of America, we decided to go into the Sigma store.  Now, I know Sigma brushes are “it”, but when I saw those prices my neck started to itch – bad.  Like what in the crap?  The brush sets are definitely PRICEY and while I know they are quality brushes, I’ll be doggone if I pay upwards to $100 for a brush set.  Nope.  Not happening.
Needless to say, I left the store without purchasing even a brush fiber.  Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, I hit up my girl Creolelioness, makeup artist extraordinaire (lol) and asked her her thoughts on Sigma brushes.  Turns out she loves them, but also said they were pricey and pointed me in the direction of allthingsbee.  Apparently she found Sigma dupes that would forever change my makeup game.  Now pressed, I ordered a set of 10 Jessup brushes from eBay for $16 and I need y’all to listen carefully:
I am in love!
Already? Already.
They are definitely the real deal or damn near close.  No shedding from the brushes, they feel and look JUST LIKE the Sigma brushes I tested out in the store… I mean, just like them.  They are incredibly soft, appear to be sturdy and I can’t wait to use them.  Here are the brushes they are most similar to: 
 Oh, and check it: if you need to know what these brushes are best used for and how to use them, Sigma has mini videos on their website showing you how to use the brushes (sweet)!  I’m not professional or whateva, but after I start mastering these lil babies – pah

Won’t be able to tell me NATHAN!

Maybe I can snag a Sigma brush or two individually, especially the blending brushes (heard they are superb) … unless I find that for the low-low, too!
What type of makeup brushes do you use?  How much are you willing to pay?