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The Afro, The Orange Lips and The Geometric Sweater

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I don’t care what ANYONE says, the sexiest hairstyle any natural can wear?  
It’s the Afro.  
The funny thing is: this wasn’t planned.  I originally braided my hair with some product that hadn’t dried completely, so when I took the braids out it was obviously still wet.  My hair just kept growing and growing, so I complied with it and went with the style it wanted to take on – the Afro.  Hubby complimented it and of course, fluffed it out for me.  He’s a handful, I tell ya…
And since it’s not quite Spring weather and with remnants of Winter still lingering in the air, I took it upon myself to bust out my geometric sweater for one last wear… or maybe not.  It’s still really cold and snowing so maybe this sweater will get a little more wear than what is expected.
I wore it layered with a chambray top (both the top and sweater are from Banana Republic) and some very dark, denim jeans (from Gap).  I figured it would be great to layer it so that I could go coatless in the 30 degree weather – worked like a charm!

Oh! And it wouldn’t be Spring without a bright lippie – right?  Since most of my clothing was neutral (denim included) I opted for a nice bright lip – not red or pink but BRIGHT orange.

 “So Chaud” by MAC

Are you still wearing your sweaters this Spring?  How are you wearing them?