MANE Events: Fluffiest Twist Out on Natural Hair … Ever

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How in the world did I get my hair this fluffy? Is this REALLY the fluffiest twist out EVER?  
Well it all started with a thought to straighten my hair for a possible wedding hairstyle.  See, a good friend sister of mine is getting married next week and I have been trying my hardest to think of a style that would be appropriate for June weather in NC (outdoor wedding) and wouldn’t have my hair in a ‘fro.  I don’t know why in the world I thought straightening it would be a better option…

Like looking back, what the heck was I thinking?  How would that hold up in NC humidity?  Well, I straightened it using the same techniques I used here and even went a step further to make certain that my hair was evenly clipped from the tapered cut I executed a few weeks back.  Even thought about going to get it professionally cut at Great Clips or what not, but once I picked up the scissors I couldn’t fathom them butchering it (possibly) before the wedding so I just did it myself.
Sported the look on Sunday (wish I had snapped pictures) and by Monday it was a ‘fro… again (Thank you 3 miles of running).  Well, at least most of my hair was in a partial ‘fro which is why I had to do something, ANYTHING to make it look decent because we all know heat was not going back into this head of hair!
So I reached for products I knew (in order of using): Water (bottle filled) to dampen hair followed by Giovanni Direct Leave-In, Obia Natural Twist Whip Butter (to seal) and ORS Twist and Lock Gel (to set).  I used the comb and clips to separate and detangle the hair as I twisted (didn’t need much detangling since it was straight).  Once set, I went on about my business for the remainder of the evening.  The next day after my run and getting ready routine, I untwisted the twists and VOILA – beautiful FLUFFY hair.  My hair was so soft and so fluffy that I made sure to add a touch of Ouidad CurlLast Flexible Hold Spray so that my curls would be in tact by the end of the day.
Here is a close up of the fluffiness:
Big, fluffy, and wonderful curls just like I like ’em!
Next day hair looked something like this:
I didn’t do anything to preserve the style as you can tell from the lack of definition on the top; however, it looks decent, messy and perfect to me.  Maybe I’ll twist it up again to get a few more days out of it or I might test my luck to see if I can do another day without twisting.
What products/techniques do you use to achieve your fluffiest twist out?
  • SK

    Great post! My SO and I began having these convos a few weeks back; invaluable!

  • Kurly Ken

    I love the fluffy factor! The bigger the hair, the better! I just started a natural hair, beauty, and style blog. Check it out: