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Good Eats: Watermelon Salad in Rind Bowl

I’ve been craving… watermelon. 
Watermelon is actually one of my favorite fruits to indulge in so this watermelon salad is absolutely PERFECT!  It’s so refreshing on hot days in the sun and salads will forever be a staple in my vegetarian diet.  Hubby and I went grocery shopping this past weekend and saw these cute, personal watermelons… well, I saw them while he was busy focusing on other melons. HA!
Unable to wait to eat the baby melon, I cut one open right when we got home and couldn’t believe how sweet it was! Mmmm… so delicious.  Since I only had half left, I thought maybe, just maybe, I could combine it with some fresh veggies I had in the fridge for a light, refreshing treat.
Plus, since moving down to AZ I have vowed to myself to be swimsuit ready all. the. time.  All the time… So light meals full of nutrients and fresh fruits and veggies are what I’m reaching for these days!  Want to recreate this salad?  You don’t even need to use the oven or have a bowl – Here’s what you’ll need:
Half of Personal Size Watermelon, scooped from rind and diced
Handful of greens (Spinach, Romaine, Kale, Argula are all good choices)
Handful of Grape Yellow Tomatoes, cut in half
1 Pearl Onion, sliced
Teaspoon of Black Olives, chopped
Balsamic Vinegar, dressed to liking
Pinch of Sea Salt
Scoop out watermelon from rind, keeping it intact so that you can use it as a bowl. Dice the flesh of the watermelon, along with preparing the tomatoes, olives, and onion.  Mix all ingredients together inside of the rind bowl you created and dress with balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt.  Enjoy!
I enjoyed my salad with a glass of red wine and ate it outside on this beautiful day!  Next time, I’ll add some slivered almonds or sunflower seeds.  This could be lunch, dinner, brunch – whatever – but I envision myself eating this for breakfast in the near future – it’s just that good!
Update: Over a year later and I’m still snacking on this delicious meal!  I’ve recreated this watermelon salad with what little ingredients I had on hand so as you can see you are able to mix and match veggies to obtain a delicious salad!  Check out the video below:

What are some of your favorite salad recipes to enjoy?