Hair Care: Giovanni Cosmetics, Tangle Teezer, Ouidad and Hair Accessories

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Have you ever walked up to the checkout line at a store and saw a huge bottle of one of your favorite shampoos and conditionera for the low-low and decided not to cop it? 
Neither have I.
I went to Marshall’s this past weekend to just browse around the store, scouting things I just did not need.  Went through the motion of picking up shoes, clothes and home goods just to put them back on the shelf after walking around half of the store with my arms full of what I thought would be treasure finds.  Turns out I was in there to see these giant liter sized bottles of Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo and Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat (say that 3 times fast) Invigorating Conditioner.
*claps hands in church clap syncopation* Praise the Lord, Everybodddddy!

Whew chile.  I had a mini praise break when I picked them up.  $26 dollars later (they were both $13) and I was out the doorCan you tell I’m excited or what?  For a girl who has a million products already, a million-two won’t hurt not one bit.
Speaking of products, millions and newness…

I picked up a brand spankin’ new Tangle Teezer while I was in Urban Outfitters.  If you can recall, I dedicated a blog post a while back braggin’ on my (then) new Tangle Teezer.  I raved about how much I loved it.  I still talk about it… ole Pinky.  She was with me during the worst tangles, mats and detangling sessions.  She was laid to rest today… fought a good, long, hard fight but she had to go.  I now pledge my detangling allegiance to Sleek – the new Tangle Teezer.  It wasn’t on sale ($16), but I figured it was worth the investment considering I kept Pinky for over two years and I used her for EVERYTHING – like well over a million times.  Maybe.

My friends over at Ouidad sent me their new Curl Last Flexible Hold Hairspray.  It was all packed up in the boxes from the move, so when I located it again it was like Christmas all over.  I was skeptical about using it at first – would it really work for me and my type 4 curls?   Tested it out the other day and I loved it!  Strong hold without the crunch/gunkiness.  Very lightweight, smells divine and curls stay on POINT.  Now that I have this short cut and I want to keep the definition I create, I can use this product to get me that hold that I need without the crunch.  I guess they are called the “curl experts” for a reason…

And last but not least, with this new cut and all, I thought it would be cute to add some flair with these cute hair pins! Ahhhh – I’m completely oblivious on how to use them or how I will even use them but I want to make them “fetch” so bad!! They were a whopping $2.50 so I figured I wouldn’t be losing much if they didn’t make the official “what pRoy wears” cut.  Be on the lookout for them in future posts!

What new hair accessories or products have you scored recently?