How to Turn Your Dresser Drawer into a Makeup Station

Storage Solutions for a Makeup Vanity in a Small Living Space
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Our moving process is slowly, but surely, moving right along.  We have a few more boxes to clear out before we can officially wipe our hands and be done with this whole moving situation! In our last place of residence, we had a slightly larger bedroom area allowing for me to have a makeup vanity.  This go around, my closet is a little bigger (plus for meeeee) but the actual bedroom portion is a tadddd bit smaller.  No complaints.  Everything fits to nicely.

But where would I do my makeup?  Yea, the bathroom could be the place but in all honesty I just want a space away from there.  Also, since we now have access to tons of natural light, I wanted to position my makeup vanity somewhere around there so that I could utilize it.  After contemplating various options and scouring Pinterest like a mad-woman, I came up with a solution: use an empty drawer as a makeup vanity. 
I toyed around with other ways to make this idea work.  I even brought the physical vanity into our room and it just didn’t work out.  So I elected to store all of my makeup into a dresser drawer and use it as my makeup station.

Since we have a chair in the bedroom, all I have to do is slide it up to the drawer and POW! Ready to apply my makeup!  

So all you have to do is start with a clean, clear drawer.  Then, you organize your items for storage.  Check out what’s inside:
Mirror from TJ Maxx
Storage (Black) from IKEA
Storage (Clear) from TJ Maxx
Storage (Gold/White) from Target
Bag Storage from Express
I didn’t spend a dime because we had all of these items prior to this great idea which was even BETTER for me.  The ultimate upside of all of this is not having to worry about makeup on top of counters, out and about around the sink, or even having the bad habit of not putting things back in their respectable space.  I’m so excited about using it! Next up – my jewelry display!

All I have to do is stand the mirror up when I’m ready to use it… 

And set it down when I’m ready to put everything away! Ahhh… so simple!

What are some makeshift solutions you have come up with to best manage your space?

  • Bronze Venus

    Oh Proy! Wonderful idea. I might try this. Great way to hide the ‘mess’! Thanks!

  • Like you, I hate looking at the messiness that come with makeup. LOL
    Have fun with it and thanks for reading!

  • Toia B.

    This is a great idea! If I wore makeup I would totally do something like this. p.s. that chair is adorbs! 😉

  • CBW chinabestwigs

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  • linda

    I love this!! I am moving soon and into a smaller bedroom as well, and this would would perfectly!!