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MANE Events: New Look! The Tapered ‘Fro

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Remember this faux tapered fro I did on my natural hair not too long ago?  Well, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – there is nothing FAUX about THIS tapered ‘fro!

It all started while I was dangling my tresses and I wondered what style I would attempt next.  Judging from the look of my hair and how it had grown out (especially on the sides) I couldn’t FOR THE LIFE OF ME come up with an idea that would look halfway decent.
I got so fed up with my hair that I decided to just go for the gold – the big chop.  I had been contemplating it for such a long time, going back and forth with the idea.  I researched different cuts (not all tapered cuts are created equally), combined some aspects that I loved from each one of the styles that I liked and inspired myself enough to snip, snip!  I started with my hair in the back and just went for it – balls to the wall ‘cut it and make it look decent’ style.  And it does.  And I love it.
In all seriousness, I was nervous to cut my hair which is one of the reasons that I didn’t record it.  Another reason I didn’t record is because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and I didn’t want to lead anyone astray with a potential hack job I was about to commit on my hair.
No, I didn’t add more color.  Yes, I get my hair professionally colored.

Guess what else I did?  I recorded a video and discussed in more detail my haircut, styling techniques, and final thoughts.  Check it out:

Though my hair has been cut for three days, here are the styles that I’ve been rocking (as if it is a million different styles):
This is the same style from the style in the picture above.  I have a feeling this will be my most requested look to do a tutorial on… whatchu think?
Wash ‘N Go (Wash and Go) with Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Custard
Pressed for time, I decided to just do a wash n go for a style.  It was cute or whatever…
But you already know I was craving way more volume!
Twist Out from Wash ‘N Go using Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Custard
Let’s have a conversation about this hair right quick…
Disappointed in these white flakes.  Utterly disappointed.  Ugh… 
I thought it was snowing in May until I realized that it was my hair.  And it was all over my shoulders, too.  I don’t know what caused it – maybe it was too much product?  Maybe the products didn’t mesh well together (although I only used Cantu products including their leave-in) so I just don’t know what happened.  Where did the ball drop?!

But it really did look cute (overlooking the white mess).  I loveeeeee the shape of my hair, though!!!  No matter how impulsive I may be when it comes to my hair at times, I can look back on this decision and say that it really is something I am feeling right now.
So tell me: how are you wearing your hair these days?