Run This Town: Half Marathon Prep

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Ya girl is back like she never left!

Except… I did leave my running shoes alone for way too long.  I want to say it’s been about 5 months since I made a pledge to not run in a gym again and only run outside.  Today was the day that I held up my end of the bargain.
There are sooooo many running trails around this area that my excuses for not running are just… inexcusable.  And what really got me motivated to get up, get out and start running again was my husband asking me if I wanted to participate in a half marathon.  Without really thinking about what I was saying I quickly agreed.  Forgetting that I even had the conversation, let alone agreed to such a tremendous goal, hubby brought it up again at dinner with friends where they, too, co-signed to run.  
WAIT – What just happened here?  I’m running a half marathon now?  All in the same day?  
Nothing like the marathon in a month I did, huh?
So I’ve committed to it and once I pay this money for this race I can’t run away from making that milestone a reality.  I just… can’t… it wouldn’t be right.
Clearly I haven’t been running, clearly – I made that clear earlier when I told you all I haven’t even ATTEMPTED to run in 5 months.  Here, due to the weather, there are only two time options that are even remotely feasible to run – the early morning (5 AM) and late evening (7/8 PM).  These are the only times the sun isn’t frying any exposed skin and making you sweat like a madman.  GirlDom suggested early morning, I could get with it because that’s what I used to run in MN and hubby, although he loves loafing in bed until the last minute, agreed to join us.  We don’t really know the paths here so we spent time preparing our run.  We also have never trained for a half marathon (13.1 miles by the way) so we didn’t have a clue where to start.  Thankfully, GirlDom sent us over a schedule she found online (you can see it here) and surprisingly enough we had a “how to train for a half marathon” worksheet we scored in MN.  We compared both of those schedules, came up with a plan that was best for us, and put it into action this morning. 
So let me tell y’all about this run that I took this morning.  I want to say NEVER, have I EVER felt so mentally off put but that would be a lie.  I was more focused than what I thought I would be and once I made it past the first mile I was pretty much good to go.  I established a nice pace and stayed pretty constant.  Here are a few things I could change up for the next run:

  • A bomb ass playlist.  I can’t be running to the Rolling Stones and other sample music on my iPhone.  It doesn’t motivate me to want to pound out these miles with the speed and focus that I need.  Naa.  Gotta update that stat.
  • Water bottle orrrrr nah?  When I start running anything over 6 miles I will need some water on deck (especially in this weather).  Running with a water bottle in hand is a no-go for me so I have to come up with another plan.  Any suggestions?  I’m thinking about taking my camelbak with me on such occasions, but I don’t know.  Help me out if you can.
  • My breathing technique.  I think this falls into my music situation because I like to sing as I run as it keeps me breathing at a steady pace.  I think once I figure out my playlist I will be okay with my breathing.
  • Start earlier.  I went at 6 AM and the sun was starting to take over.  Definitely have to start earlier than that.
I’m really excited but at the same time I am slightly nervous.  I want to say that I am confident in my abilities to beast this out like this no one’s business, but I am still learning this running thing.  If you’d like to join in the challenge, send some encouraging words, serve as motivation or take a little inspiration with you feel free to join me on Nike+ App – Username: askpRoy.  I just started this app today and have 3.22 miles under my belt! WOOT!!
Have you ever trained for a marathon or half marathon?  Do you have any pointers?