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MANE Events: Wedding Weekend! Multifunctional Natural Hair Wedding Style

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Wedding bells were sure ringing this past weekend and I knew for a FACT that I would not have time to do my natural hair everyday of the vacation. That, and I also had stipulations on how I could wear my hair for the second wedding (I was a bridesmaid). Let me give you a ll the run down so you can understand the direction of my hairstyle:

No super long tresses down your back
No Shirley Temple or super tight curls
No massive ‘fros
And no hard, crunchy hair – PLEASE!
I can respect that… but wait! I just cut my hair into a tapered ‘fro style.  Why?  Well, because my shaved sides are growing back and it was just weird how they were coming in with the rest of my hair so I cut it to make it even.  I also just let go of the Xpress Your Kinks ‘FroKinks collection because of how hot it is in AZ (and that would surely ‘fro up for the wedding).  Furthermore, I had to be extra careful to commit to a style that would be versatile enough for the weekend and also no ‘fro up in NC weather (the 2nd wedding was outdoors). 
For weeks I racked my brain about a style that would fit the criteria listed above and while on my way back from San Diego last week I had an out of body experience.  No lie.  I was “sleeping” but not really sleeping.  I was looking at my hair in a mirror and styling it.  Or maybe I was daydreaming and not out of my body BUT WHATEVER – you get my drift! And on Wednesday I decided to execute (as best as I could) the style that I had in my head.  Here’s how it turned out:

What I used:

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Invigorating Conditioner

Argon Oil Eco Styler gel
Here is a full out tutorial on how I styled my hair:

I made sure my hair was DAMP and not SOAKING WET.  It is much harder to grip the hair when it is soaking wet, but when it is dry it seems as if one has to grip a little harder.  I was softer on my tresses because of the damp hair and the twists lasted way longer than if I did them on dry hair (because they got a chance to set).  I knew that with my front out I could decide how to manipulate my hair – keep it twisted, pin the twists, roll it for a twist and curl, pin it into a loose updo – so many options and all of them depended on the weather.  The gel definitely helped keep the definition of the style and keep the frizzes at bay, but I also made sure to spray a little hairspray on my hair to keep the hold and keep the moisture OUT.

I wore my hair a couple of ways – check it out:

Pinned to the side
Wedding #1: Pinned into a Pompadour 

Wedding #2: Unraveled the Twists for a Twist Out

By the end of the night my hair was full of volume!

Wheels up and flying back home I just sported the hair out.  Crazy volume, major compliments!  Even got to explain how to execute the style with a TSA member as she “patted” my hair down during the security check.  
This style lasted for a week.  Let me tell you how it was sooooo clutch, too!  If I hadn’t had this style and had to deal with my loose hair, I would have gone crazy!  We were up and down the road so much, lack of sleep, crazy running around on wedding day that I would have just been a crazy mad woman.  Forreal.
Now, this style could have lasted longer but I was over it – I really needed to wash my hair since I’m doing all that half marathon training.  I would say had I not taken out the twists prematurely this style could last minimum two weeks with a little bit of TLC to the scalp and twists.
How do you wear your hair when you have tons of things to do?