Fashion: Covered But Cool

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Wowwww! When was the last time I did an actual fashion post on the blog?  I’ve been featuring most of my looks in People of COLORS, but I think I want to do a mixture between the two from here on out.  I really do miss doing my fashion posts here!!  On this particular day I took a few pictures than a little bit a.k.a. I was feelin’ myself before Happy Hour!

Scored this shirt from Nordstrom during their crazy clearance sale (I believe it was up to 40% off) and I absolutely love it.  It’s lightweight but still gives you a little sheer coverage.  I just like how it abides by the AZ heat rules and keeps me cool while keeping me covered.

Got this patent leather clutch ions ago from Express.  Always will be a favorite of mine.

I could wear these boyfriend jeans of the year! These are from one of my favorite stores, GAP.

These Sam Edelman heels?  Thanks to Nordstrom, I got them for the low-low.  They are so cute and are a great color!

I couldn’t tell you where the aviator shades are from – they are the hubby’s.  Earrings from J Crew.  Nail polish is “Rodeo Drive” by Lauren B Beauty via my June Onyxbox.  Hair was a curly ‘fro gone wild.  More details can be found here. And I’m always sporting my Pandora bracelet!
It is hot here so tell me, would you wear this outtie out and about?
  • Nakeia

    # 5 (Do NOT Compare Your Life With Others’) is a HUGE one for me!

    I used to do this until I realized one important thing:

    “When you compare yourself to others, you limit yourself to their abilities.”

    Great Rules to live by 🙂

  • umbeans

    I figured it out!! Here’s my install. Thank you for the simple instructions!!