My Rawjuvenate Detox Experience

My Rawjuvenate Detox Experience
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Finally, I am getting a chance to share my Rawjuvenate detox experience with you all!  Hubby saw this detox program on Groupon (or Living Social, can’t remember) and before I gave him the okay to purchase it, I researched it on their website, read some reviews, and decided that combined with my P90X3 workouts this could be beneficial.
I have detoxed before –  water, raw foods, juicing, etc., so I’m not unfamiliar with the process.  However, I didn’t want to start it until I moved … so much for that.  I started it a week before we left and adapted it to our travel schedule.  Here’s all that was included in the 4-week detox system:
Rawjuvenate Organic Super Greens Powder
Rawjuvenate Vegan Protein Omega 3-6-9 Powder
Rawjuvenate Super Aloe Pills
Rawjuvenate Super Fiber Pills
Rawjuvenate Probiotic Pills
A postcard with coupon code and more instructions
There is also a two-week program if you feel like 4 weeks is just too much time to dedicate to such a thing.  What I like most about this whole detox system is that it is 100% vegan, 100% organic and gluten free!  There are absolutely no animal by-products and even the pills are enclosed in a vegan-based capsule.  I also lost a little weight – mainly water weight – because I was doing this in conjunction with P90X3 so the definition of my arms, abs and legs were a lot more prominent.  It’s hard to assess what contributed to it, but I’m sure the combination of both detox and exercise gave me optimum results.
Rawjuvenate Planttab Capsules Super Fiber Pills
You are advised to take one Probiotic pill and you have the option of taking different amounts of the pills depending on how much Aloe and Fiber you need (can take up to 3) and I took 3 most days (I still have a few left over).  I took these right after I finished my lunch.
Also, you are to drink a shake made with the powders preferably in the morning but I guess lunch could be another good option. I combined both the Super Greens and Protein together in my morning shakes (included banana, mixed fruit and a bit of almond milk) and that was my breakfast everyday.  The shakes were delicious!  The Super Greens had a berry taste to it so combined with the mixed fruit (mainly berries) it blended perfectly.  I don’t really remember the protein having a distinct taste – not good, not bad, but blended with the mixture it was ok.  The shake was pretty filling, too.  I think adding that banana really helped because it was nice and thick and helped to keep me full.  It held me over until lunch, occasionally I could eat a snack in between but not often.
Rawjuvenate 4 week total organic detox system

WORD TO THE WISE: base your intake (shake and pills) off of your work schedule.  This is a detox program so you will be going to the bathroom quite frequently.  Also, make sure you drink plenty of water as it will help flush out the toxins in your body, too.  I honestly got to the point where if I ate junk food, including dairy products, my body automatically said “nope, it’s gotta go” and away it went.  LOL … I MEANNNNNN… I’m just being honest here.
Rawjuvenate 4 week total organic detox system
Would I do this detox again?
Absolutely!  I didn’t feel sick while adjusting to it and it’s actually relatively gentle on the body.  My body didn’t break out, I wasn’t fatigue (had more energy) and overall I felt lighter.  If you are already regular then there isn’t much of a difference in your bathroom pattern except you will go more frequently (still daily though).  Eventually your body will get used to the schedule and you will know when it’s time to go.  If you’re full of shit (literally), you should really consider adjusting your diet to healthier options and lay off the junk and fast food since it defeats the whole purpose of the detox in the first place.  I’m thinking about trying this for the month of July since I have three weddings (you read that correctly) to attend this June.  Between the wedding cake and the travel food, my body will be more than ready to detox again.  Likewise, it will keep me light for this half-marathon training I will be doing until the big race day.
Interested in detoxing?  Read more about detoxification here.  Learn more about the Rawjuvenate Detoxing System here.
Have you ever detoxed with a detoxing system?