Victoria Secret #VSSportsBra and VoxBox Review

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Courtesy of Influenster, I received one of my favorite VoxBoxes of all time: Victoria’s Secret VSX Sport.  I couldn’t wait to get this box for obvious reasons of course: I am training for a half marathon, cute gear motivates me to run, and it’s a Victoria’s Secret bra in my EXACT size!  I think I have been able to find one other brand that carries my bra size because it’s not one of those common sizes (32D), but Vicky’s always does me right, honey!
In the box I received the following goodies:

Sports Bra Informational Packet
Angel #VSSportBra in Hot Pink
6 Pack of VSX Sport Athletic Socks
These socks are life! Fun colors, dries quickly and don’t slide down in my shoes during my runs #winner
Victoria’s Secret PINK Measuring Tape for The Perfect Fit
It provides instructions on how to take your measurements, including some simple addition/subtraction that you may have to do in order to determined your bust and cup sizes.

As I expressed on Instagram, the first time I wore this bra I couldn’t believe how PERFECT the fit was!  I like the fact that it doesn’t leave room for movement – the girls are STRAPPED DOWN!  I also like the fun colors I’ve seen various #VSSportTesters wearing (pink looks great on my skin).  I brag about how strapped I am, but the bra does allow me to move freely during my workout.  I also love the detailing of the straps.  I did wash my bra and hung it to dry.  It didn’t lose shape or anything!!

So with the coupon I was able to purchase another sports bra of my choosing and I chose the Incredible (the last one in the store in my size).  According to the sales associate, this is the bra of all bras providing the utmost support.  I tried it on and knew it would be the business.  They are having a semi-annual sale so they are a portionnnnn of their regular prize (originally $52.50 and got it for $25)!  So glad I got to purchase it – thanks again, Influenster for the coupon!

Detailing is pretty amazing on this baby, too!  

So tell me: what are your favorite brands of sports bras?

This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.  All opinions expressed are my honest, true opinions.