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Defined Coils on Natural Hair Using Obia Natural Haircare

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through hell and high-water trying to figure out how to perfect my coils in a wash and go!  Natural hair is tricky in that at certain lengths, in different seasons and with different products your hair looks and behaves so differently.  I’ve tried many wash and go styles, defining my coils with different products, but I think I found something I love.

*sidenote: I wanted to recreate this look (on the left) and as you can remember from the video detailing my new tapered ‘fro haircut, I noted that it was extremely flaky.  Ugh.  Also, it is a twist out from a defined look, so though I haven’t done the twist out part (yet), I still favor these results best.

For this style, I reached for my Obia Natural Haircare Curl Enhancing Custard to see what it could do for my hair.  Along with my staple products – Obia Natural Haircare Curl Hydration Spray and Eco Styler Argon Oil Gel – I am completely in love with the definition it produced.

I started the styling process on freshly washed hair.  I added Giovanni Direct Leave-In and it was allowed to air-dry overnight.  The next day, I spritzed my hair with water and the Curl Hydration Spray to dampen my strands (no dripping water).  Starting from the nape, took small sections of hair and added the Curl Enhancing Custard first, worked it through my strands, and then topped that with Eco Styler gel.  The key is to get the hair to clump together and to NOT TOUCH THE HAIR as it dries.

To expedite the process, I used a diffuser to set the style, used the concentrator attachment to blast my roots and styled my hair in the shape that I wanted.  It turned out to be EVERYTHING and MORE:

Night Prep: I didn’t wrap it or anything, just slept on my Pillow Bonnet.  In the morning after my shower and my run, my hair looked like the first picture below (top left).  I used my pick and the Curl Hydration Spray to give it life again.  Boom – 2nd Day Hair!
Day Three consisted of me replicating the exact same process.  The results?  Nothing short of perfect:

Check out this video for the full tutorial on the style:

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So, you know the feeling your hair gives you when use gel?  Not a hard crunch or anything (still very touchable) but you can tell you have something in there to make it hold?  By day three, my hair was pretty much rid of that feeling meaning my coils will probably lose their shape a little.  No worries, though.  I’ll just convert it into the twist out style I wanted to initially replicate.  Wish me luck!
How do you define your coils?  What are your favorite products to use?