Travel: Huntington Beach, Pacific Coast Highway and San Francisco

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I’ve been a busy bee! 
Hubby and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary (YAY!), but before we could celebrate US we helped friends celebrate the new THEM! That’s right, we attended a wedding in Huntington Beach and caught up with some old (and new in my case) friends.
Love his flower lapel. Love love love it!

And so, after a long night of celebration with the new couple, we woke up extra early to high tail it to San Francisco by way of the Pacific Coast Highway.  Since we made the trip in a 12 hour span, we didn’t get to stop everywhere to see all of the beautiful sights on this trip.  We will most definitely have to go back to make the trip over a longer period of time just to take it all in, yanno?  

So handsome, so dreamy.
Did I mention we were riding green clean?  We scored this sweet, lime green Mustang that we naturally named “Hulk” as our means to get from Huntington Beach to San Francisco not only in one piece, but in style.  It was such a fun way to ride around for our anniversary!
And life wouldn’t be complete without a photoshoot with the Hulk… I mean… how could we resist?
Check out the scenery we peeped below.  God’s master artistry class… where do I sign up? Because these sights are surreal.  I promise these pictures do His work no justice.  None.

So we arrived in San Francisco in one piece and our ride to the hotel – y’all! We rode down the majorly hilly streets of Downtown and I truly thought we were on a roller coaster.  No lie, if I lived there and was training for a half marathon like I am doing here in AZ, my legs would withstand ANYTHING!  We are talking tip, top shape here!
Since hubby wanted to keep this trip a secret, I wasn’t privy to anything that would go down so I had to be completely open to exploring all aspects of the city.  We started our tour de San Fran on a boat ride that took us under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz.  Talk about winnnnnnndy!  I thought my head was going to blow off it was so windy on that boat.  My ears popped so many times during that ride!  The view, though?!  THE VIEW FROM THE BOAT?!  Love at first sight.  


I’ve always wanted to visit Alcatraz, but the tickets were sold out *bummer*

Next time, Alcatraz… next time.

The view of the city from the boat – spectacular skyline!
Just us posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge… yanno… no biggie!
After the boat ride, we scarfed down some food at a local sushi joint and ended our meal with my favorite chocolate ice cream – Ghiradelli!  They gave me two scoops, Fam and I went nuts on that sugar cone!  Man, oh man… 

We waited in line for over an hour to catch a ride on the historic cable car.  The ride was less than magical (been there, done that, just not in San Fran), but the history behind it kept me intrigued. I love taking it all in – being present in the moment, people watching, taking in all of the smells and sights, and being with the man I love.  We had so much fun.

We did a lot of walking and ended up having to walk to our hotel because all of the cable cars back to our area were FULL (that was another hour+ wait to realize that). No worries, though, because our feet rightfully went numb after we downed a few drinks  – 14 year old Scotch to be exact – at the bar “The Library”.

The next day was special in that after marveling over the Golden Gate Bridge the day before and expressing to Hubby that I wanted to touch it, we rented bikes and biked across the Golden Gate Bridge!  Guys – all I can say is your legs will put in a little work BUT it is all worth it.  How many people can say that have done that in their lives?  C’mon man… I loved every minute of it!  I would strongly advise to wear a sweater and long pants.  It is colder than what you think it would be in San Fran and though you may sweat a little bit, having those on will help you a lot.  Remember, you can always take it off if you layer correctly.
Since it was our last day there, that was the highlight of our day.  We biked all the way to Sausalito, parked it, went to a bar, and enjoyed the soccer game over delicious burgers (mine was veggie, of course).  Instead of biking all the way back, we hopped the ferry, returned the bikes, and headed over to the airport for our flight home.  
Though I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Cali, there is absolutely no place like home 
(plus I missed the pups) #bittersweet  
But our anniversary adventure didn’t end there… nope… I’ll share more next post!
Have you ever been to California?  What are your favorite places to visit?
  • You two are so cute!
    And it looks like such an awesome time. I am dying to get to CA!

  • Vanessa

    Lovely photos of the two of you 🙂

  • Lex

    These are beautiful pictures!