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Length Check on Natural Hair… FOR WHAT?!

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Never one to really be length obsessed (more conditioned to be than anything), I shed some light on my stance regarding length checks.  I have spoken about this topic a few times here on the blog, but wanted to shed more light on the topic.   
Are length checks important?
I guess it depends on the purpose behind the length check. 
What purpose do length checks serve to the viewer?
Emotions associated with length checks cannot be controlled by the person actually performing the length check.  The length checks could serve as inspiration for those who want to reach greater lengths for their hair.  Likewise, they can create a sense of jealousy in those who are “hair crushing”.  Again, not the length checker’s problem.
Is it necessary for one to perform length checks?
If documenting a hair growth journey, maybe.  Visually, one can see if they hair has grown from one month, quarter, year and beyond by pictures alone (no length check necessary).  Pictures for this reason can be for comparison purposes.  However, if one is doing specific research of hair growth, sure: it is necessary to collect precise data.
I discuss these things and a lot more in this video:
Now, I may pull a coil here or there (similar to what is pictured above), but trust and believe I am not actually “checking” for length.  I know how long my hair is.  I deal with it every single day.  It’s not for me to feel validated.  Just like my thoughts on hair typing, I feel like length checking can be used as a way to divide people just as it could be used as a way to help – all in perspective.
Whatever reason you have for performing or not performing length checks is none of anyone’s business, really.  Do what makes you happy, don’t feel pressured to rock your hair at a certain length, and have fun with your hair!
Do you perform length checks on your natural hair?  Why or why not?