Soft Curls to Fluffy ‘Fro on Natural Hair

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I am having so much fun with this new tapered ‘fro on my natural hair!  I’m all about embracing the big hair and I’ve had a lot of that lately – A LOT!  Not to mention, the shape of this haircut is EVERYTHING!!  Recently I decided to try my good ol’ signature twist out on my hair with slight alterations and came up with this gorgeous style!
For this style, I started with soft curls that I barely wanted to separate and a few days got to wear an extremely fluffy (OMG it’s so soft) and “no real work required” ‘fro.  It was nothing like the fluffiest twist out I achieved on my tapered ‘fro, but it’s morphing into something great.  Reminds me a lot of the curly ‘fro gone wild except it’s wayyyy softer to the touch!  Here’s what I did:

  • Hair was dry and hadn’t been washed for a week.
  • Using a water bottle, I spritzed my hair with a good amount of water just to make sure it wasn’t dry.  The hair doesn’t need to be sopping wet; however, it does need enough moisture for manipulation.
  • Next, I separated my sides and back from the middle crown of my hair and secured the sides and back with clips/pins.
  • I spritzed more water on my crown, applied Lotta Body moisturizer and twisted my hair into medium sized twists.  I ended up having somewhere between 15-18 twists in my hair.
  • Next, I used water, Eco Styler Gel, and my Tangle Teezer to define my curls.  The purpose of using gel and water is so that my hair will shrink – that’s important.  My hairstyle wouldn’t look as tapered if my hair was longer in the back.  This style is designed to EMBRACE YOUR SHRINKAGE!
  • Lastly, I used blue perm rods to set my twists for curls.
  • Once the hair was dry (about 5 hours later), I removed the perm rods, coated my hands with a little bit of ORS Nature’s Shine and separated the twists.  I also used a pick to increase the volume in my crown area.  The outcome looked like this:
Had I separated my curls, the outcome would have looked just like this:
Two days later, I still had visible curls but wanted way more volume, so I separated the curls even more and achieved the FULLEST FLUFFY ‘FRO EVER!

You can see me in action with a more precise step-by-step in this video:
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Who would have known that three styles could be achieved from this ONE look?  The easiest part was the wash-n-go on the sides and back of my hair.  It cut my styling time down to nothing (less than 30 minutes) and if I happened to be in a rush and was pressed for time, all I would have to do is use a diffuser to dry the hair back there.  How easy is that?
Oh, and just to put you on game, I’m really diggin’ this Lotta Body Hair Moisturizer! It is bomb and keeps my curls sooooo soft.  #gamechanger

How are you wearing your hair these days?