August curlBOX and The Quest for Length!

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Guess who got the August curlBOX this past weekend? This girl did!! This month’s products focus on achieving “Criminal Lengths” which also translates to the promotion of hair growth.  Of the four full sized products in the box, I decided to use both the Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Growth Moisturizer and the Palmer’s Shea Formula Curl Cream
To achieve the twist out style pictured throughout this post, I used a nickel size amount of the Elasta QP on air-dried hair and on each individual section I divided for twisting, used the Palmer’s Curl Cream along with a smidgen of Argon Oil Eco Styler Gel.  I installed small/medium sized twists (took about 30 minutes) and let them set overnight.  Trust me when I say it was not the best looking twist set, but it produced great results!

I have history with Elasta QP.  It was one of the few many brands that I used when I first went natural.  I typically like the results it gives me and the smell is kinda fruity (the mango).  I’ve never used the growth moisturizer though.  New for me… reminds me of the mango butter that comes in the round container.  This is my first time using a Palmer’s product on my mane.  I can’t really say I like it or that I don’t.  While it doesn’t contain paragons, sulfates, mineral oil or phthalates, I’m still not sold on the product itself.  Would I purchase it again?  Meh.  Maybe I’ll record a review video once I test out everything.  The gel was strictly used for hold and I mean… YOU SEE IT! The definition held up nicely throughout the day.  Likewise, it withstood a crazy, breezy walk AND heat in excess of 105 degrees.  It is important to note that when your hair has been exposed to such extreme elements, moisturizing it is a must!
Though I didn’t retwist my hair last night, I did allow for the steam from the shower to seep into it my strands and used a little bit of the Elasta QP to give my hair a little moisture which caused a little shrinkage.  I will retwist my hair tonight for more stretch.  There is no denying that my hair is nice and stretched after my first set, though.  I think it was a combination of both product and installing the twists on dry hair, but if I were to define my curls the shrinkage would be sooooo real!  Love both looks, really. Definitely ain’t checkin’ for length #letitgrow
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As for the other two products in the box, I will be using those soon.  Stay tuned to see what style I’ve got cookin’ up!
What products do use to keep your hair stretched?