Manic Panic? More Like “Watch the Pro” Dye Her Hair!

No, I wasn’t applying a relaxer. Lol… Ya’ll crack me up!

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I’ve been having this reoccurring thought for some time now to the point where I dream about it… constantly.

I am no stranger to color.  I started coloring my own hair back when I was 14-15 years of age.  I graduated from demi/semi-permenant hair color to flat out permanent color.  From violet based to burgundy to fire engine red to blonde to browns and even jet black, I’ve experienced the coloring process and since then, have developed best practices for how I apply it and the precautions that I take while processing it.
This time around, I knew I didn’t want a permanent color because that would require me going to the salon (I only use a colorist for permanent color) and I have yet to find a trusted stylist here in AZ.  I’ve also had a crazy itch for something fun – the “not so serious” look and a few different colors buzzed around in my brain: blue, green, and purple.
When I kept thinking about the green the image of me trying to lift my roots from jet black to blonde kept creeping up into my mind.  The color that was produced?  Green.  It wasn’t cute either.  On to the next choices: blue and purple.  Which one would fade the best?  Which one would best suit my dark hair that I refuse to bleach?  Which one would I not mind rocking for a few weeks?
The answer screamed out to me in Sally’s Beauty.  I walked right in and found myself on the hair color aisle.  Though my mind was in crazy debate, I let my heart to do the choosing.  Watch the video to see the choice, my application process, and to get a ton of information about the process (including my tips and tricks):

If you can’t see the video, click here.
I’m pretty stoked about this color and can’t wait for it to lighten some – exposure to salt water, chlorine and sun will do that to it and well, it’s still Summer sooooo… yea.  It’s gonna fade.  I’ll also probably will be using my temporary hair chalk to get even MORE action in my hair!  Also, stay tuned for my style tutorial on how I achieved this look! 
Have you dyed your hair before or would like to dye your hair? If so, what colors?
  • I literally was JUST looking up Manic Panic colors early this morning because I want a peekaboo streak but I didn’t want to bleach my hair! Thanks for sharing – I have a good idea of how my hair will look based upon the results on your natural color.

  • Ooo! Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you decide – make sure you lemme know when you go for it!

  • Thalisa

    I ran here because I loved the colour you got but I see now that your hair was already light in the ends…my hair is dark brown I don’t think I will get any colour out of this one. What do you think?

  • Hmmmmmm.. it won’t be as vibrant but you will be able to see it in the natural light. It will be very subtle though (like on my sides). I hope that helps you get a picture of what it will look like! Good luck!!

  • Thalisa

    how did you get your hair lighter at the ends? should I use a developer with the Manic Panic? if so, what number? and thanks for answering me 🙂