Fashion: The Day I Wore White to a Wedding and I Wasn’t the Bride

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I never thought it would be me – the wedding guest who wore white to a wedding.  I’d never want to upstage the bride.  Hell, even at my wedding I made a specific request to politely keep any guest with a white dress out of the ceremony because that ONE day the color white was only dedicated to me.  

Every bride (and groom) has their right to make their day how they want it to look.
Their wedding day, their decisions.
This past weekend I attended a Peacock Wedding and at request of the bride and groom, all guests in attendance were to wear black and white attire.  I thought about it long and hard and even packed a backup outfit (the little black dress always serves me right), but decided to simply obey.  I felt like I wouldn’t be doing playing my part of obedient wedding guest if I didn’t incorporate some white into my outfit.  If she wanted the guests to wear only black, she would have indicated that on the invitation, right?

What I Wore:
I wore a black and white animal print dress from Zara.  The first time I even tried it on was after I purchased it which was less than a week before the wedding.  It was only $26 so I figured if it didn’t work out then I’d be okay.  My shoes are by Jimmy Choo.  Remember when Nordstrom had a crazy semi-annual sale?  Yea, those were definitely in my shopping cart.

So, is it okay to wear white to a wedding?  Every bride and groom are different, but I would definitely ask before going that route.  When in doubt, steer clear UNLESS (per request) the bride and groom say yes!
Would you wear white to a black and white wedding?