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MANE Events: Purple Hair Turned Purple Highlights

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As if you couldn’t tell, the purple reign on my natural hair has taken a backseat.  Besides my highlights in the front, there is little to no trace of a purple hue in my hair and to be quite honest, most of those are even fading back to brown/blonde.  I guess that’s what happens when you dye your hair with a semi-permenant dye.
And it wasn’t as if I was looking for a permanent change to my hair color.  I just didn’t expect to only enjoy the intensity of the color for about a month or roughly 3 weeks… ? Yea, and it’s just about gone.  Bummer.
Can’t say that it doesn’t look damn cool, though!  These purple highlights really have my hair poppin’!

I have been wearing my hair the way I showcased above and explain this style in depth in my “Define Your Coils” video and post (you can find it here).

For a new look, instead of washing my hair (risking even more of the purple to vanish) I just twisted it up and refreshed the back and sides for a new style. 

The front was twisted with a little water, Eco Styler Argon Oil Gel and JUUUUUUUST a smidgen of Obia Natural Haircare Twist Whip Butter (and by smidgen I mean barely any).  I allowed my hair to set overnight and refreshed the back and sides the next morning with water and gel.  
That’s it.  Nothing magical, no miracle product for crazy definition – just the bare minimum.
My hair turned out amazing, though.  Very similar to this style that I created a few months back before the latest haircut:

It’s really time to wash and restyle, I’m just unsure how I want to rock it though. I’ll see how long these twists will last before trying something new!
So how are you wearing your hair this week?