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MANE Events: Purple Update, Cut & Straight (Hair) Talk

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After a long Labor Day weekend at the beach, I felt it was all but necessary to wash my newly dyed purple natural hair.  Can you believe it’s been a week already?  
And I really thought long and hard about how I would attack my hair – What products will I use? Will the color bleed all over my shower?  Will I have major fading?
All these questions raced through my mind as I so bravely swallowed my love for the vibrant purple and gave into the scalp massage known as a wash.  I got my answers shortly after:
What products will I use?
I used Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo and Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Threat Invigorating Conditioner, both very gentle on my tresses.  The conditioner is perfect for a finger detangling session as the slip is AMAZEBALLS.  Since the shampoo is moisturizing I knew it wouldn’t strip the color from my hair (clarifying shampoos will nix the color in no time).
Will the color bleed all over my shower?
Well… yes and no.  I have experienced colors going HAM on my shower before, but this was a subtle bleed.  My hands didn’t suffer from purple-itis and my shower was very easy to clean afterward (no stains, just a rinse with some H2O).

Will I have major fading?
Heh.  I did have some fading – major in my eyes.  I was like on crazyyyy pigmented purple without having to dye all of my hair, but maybe a lot of the fading had to do with the fact I cut my hair – oh yea, I cut my hair fam! LOL
I voiced that I wanted to cut it down in my last video and it was all so random.  I literally was blowing my hair out to style and ended up taking the scissors to it.  Because the cut was so random, I didn’t film it (blame it on my head and not my heart).  I took more off the back so that it could match my sides – remember they were growing in from being completely shaved.  I also wanted to make sure they were growing in pretty even so I did a little dusting to the sides.  Nothing too drastic there.  the rest though? Drastic.  Drastic to me at least.  The crown of my hair is the same length, just pinned into the style.  I have had my hair this short before so it’s not a BIG DEAL in my world, but I already know it’s about to be shoooooort.  It’s the same length straightened as it was curly so you KNOW… mannnnnnn look:

Left from a week ago, Right is current

Back to the fading, I didn’t notice it much at first, but as I started styling I saw more of a lighter pigment.  It may have to do with a few things such as heat styling, using both the flat iron and the blow dryer to do my hair this time around… maybe it’s the fact I didn’t use products specifically for color treated hair or… could also have a lot to do with the fact that it promised to fade and did just that.  
Regardless, this is my hair a week in:

As you can also see, I straightened my hair.  I used the same techniques found here with the exception of letting it air dry almost completely before blow drying.  I’m going to reapply some color in the new couple of weeks.  For right now, I’m going to let this ride out until I can’t take anymore.  Also can’t wait to see how my hair will look in it’s natural state with this cut.  Until then, I’ll holla!
How are you rocking your hair these days?