MANE Events: Roller Set on Natural Hair Tapered Fro

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*in my Bobby Shmurda voice while doing the Shmoney dance*

I dyed my hair about a week ago (A WEEK AGO)
… and this roller set has my curls POPPIN’!  Boy, I have really been loving this purple color on my natural hair!  It’s so vibrant yet so reserved at the same time.  Hard to explain in text and since it’s really one of those things you’ve got to see – take a look:
Besides the fact that the color is bomb, the hairstyle that I decided on, the roller set, was also a big hit.  I was able to wear it for a week though now it doesn’t really resemble a roller set, but looks more like a textured ‘fro situation.  Again, hard to explain in text so here you go:
Now how in the world did I get it like that?  In less than 5 minutes I can show you the whole process. Check it out:

What You’ll Need:
Perm Rods (I used the white, purple and orange ones)
Small Tooth Comb
Hair Clips
Leave-In Conditioner
Wrap Lotion/Foam
Edge Control/Gel
Bobby Pins (optional)
I started this style on freshly washed hair (just rinsed the dye out.  Learn more about that process here).  Next, I applied one of my favorite leave-in conditioners, Giovanni Direct Leave-In, from root to tip on my strands.  Using my fingers to part, I sectioned off a row of hair in the back, clipped up the excess with the hair clips, and applied Lottabody Foam Wrap Lotion to the section.  I received the Lottabody Foam Wrap in my August curlBOX (you can read about the other products I received from the August curlBOX here).
Using the small tooth comb, I detangled a small/medium section of hair (large enough for the roller) from tip to root and rolled my hair using the perm rods.  I used the white perm rods around my sides and back and reserved the purple and orange perm rods for my crown.  Once I was finished rolling my hair, I let it air dry for a while before wrapping it up for bed.
In the morning, I removed all of the rollers, used my fingers and a little bit of curling wax to separate my curls, fluffed my hair and boom – done.  I also used a couple of bobby pins to pin my hair into the shape that I wanted.  I also used a little bit of Design Essentials Edge Control to slick back my edges just a little – nothing too drastic, though.  It really was as simple as it sounds.
To preserve the style, I wrapped my scarf around my head in a non-magical way.  Imagine a scarf wrapped around a woman’s head looking all types of crazy and you should be able to picture me.  In the morning, I fluffed my hair and went on about my business.  THAT. IS. ALL!

Don’t forget to check out the video for a more in-depth step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the style.

Eventually, the styled morphed into this (4 days later after sun and beach exposure):
Off to wash it soon – what style should I rock next?
I think I have something cooking… hope I can execute it.  Wish me luck!