Top 5 Reasons to Rock a TWA

A while back when I was rocking shaved sides on my natural hair, I wrote a piece on why Teeny Weeny Afros (TWA) rock.  Now that I am rocking one myself, I felt moved to share the article again for those of you who are debating on whether you want to take the TWA plunge or not.
I always said if I could do it all over again (returning natural) I would cut it all off.  Here’s my number one reason:

Instant Confidence. That’s right. Imagine rocking a short cut. You won’t have hair to hide behind, making your face the center of attention pretty much leaving you vulnerable to the public eye. It takes a special person to rock a style of this caliber, and having confidence is a must!

Read more here: Why TWA Rock!

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  • You rock the TWA very well! I always say that if I could start all over I’d start with a fade. I grew my hair out for 8 months before my big chop. TWA’s are easy breezy!