Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color #ShineInColorGetaway

Guys, I can FINALLY share with you all the GREAT news! I was flown down to Jacksonville, FL a little over a week ago for the #ShineInColorGetaway sponsored by Creme of Nature!  During my visit, I got the VIP treatment for sure. We’re talking nails did, hair did, ERRRRRYTHANG DID!


I first arrived at the hotel pretty late at night and I only heard one thing calling my name: the bed.  The next morning, I checked in at the spa and received impeccable service from Tina Harding.  From there, I met up with my girlies Vaughn (MsVaughnTV), Chary (CharyJay), Rachel (RachelOBeauty) and Neiicey (NaturalNeiicey) and prepared for dinner.  We laughed, talked, and share a delicious meal at Moxie’s and later scurried over to our Meet N’ Greet.  There, we met some AMAZING people, chatted it up about hair color and styling, and took tons of photos!  The crowd’s energy was so on point, everyone contributed to the discussion and the staff put on a great event.




The next day was the big day and the day we had all been waiting for – our color makeovers.  We met with Pekela Riley, owner of Salon^PK in Jacksonville, FL for a consultation that included an in-depth discussion about our respective color stories and styling visions.  Then it was go time!  Of course, in my mind, I went with the plan of “go big or go home”.  I needed a bold color to match my bold cut (and personality) and it was either blonde or red.  After speaking with Pekela, we both decided that the blonde was gonna be a HIT!


pRoy before hair color

Photo c/o of Melton Digital

pRoy getting hair colored by Pekela Riley

Photo c/o of Melton Digital

pRoy getting hair colored by Pekela Riley

Photo c/o of Melton Digital


I also received a hair cut (sides and back only) which she shaped nicely and she left the top alone.  It’s crazy how much hair I really had/have on my head yet it looks so short (embrace that shrinkage, girl)!

For the style, the stylists installed twists pretty much all over my hair (except at the very bottom where my hair is shorter) using Creme of Nature with Argon Oil from Morocco Twirling Custard and Butter-licious Curls.  We used a hooded dryer to set the style and once set, used Creme of Nature with Argon Oil from Morocco Oil Treatment to unravel the twists and style the hair.  Pekela paid close attention to signature styling techniques as she defined my part and gave me awesome volume at the crown:




pRoy getting hair styled by Pekela Riley

Photo c/o of Melton Digital

pRoy getting her hair styled by Pekela Riley

Photo c/o of Melton Digital


My flight left shortly after this experience and I got stopped all throughout the airport with compliments on my hair cut and color.  I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!


Here is what my hair looked like the next day after sleeping on it without a wrap or anything.  I did reposition a couple Bobbi pins just to play with the shape but other than that – nothing:

askpRoy's new hair color in Honey Blonde and hair cut



Since I was going out of town for a little fun, I wanted to wash my hair and restyle it.  It came out like this:


Pretty dope, right?  Yea, I thought so, too.

In all things, I want to share how I actually felt POST the color process since it can be a shock to see yourself with a new anything (color especially).  Though I’ve never had blonde in a concentrated area, I have experienced the color before so I wasn’t too shell shocked by the outcome.  I truly loved the color at first sight!  I lightweight want to go lighter but for now I’m going to enjoy this!!  I was also very impressed by the overall color and how it was achieved.  Pekela used the color Honey Blonde from the Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color collection all over my head.  The trick was to use different processing times for the colors – the lighter the color, the longer the processing time.  Genius!


I’d like to thank Creme of Nature for the experience – the getaway was truly relaxing.  How many people can say they came back from an awesome weekend with a new hair cut and color?  Count me in!

Are you feeling the color?  What colors will you be dying your hair this Fall?

  • Maureen

    It came out so niiiice I wanna try this ! What exact color did she use on you ?

  • Katrina

    Loving the tapered cut!

  • Juvon LeGare-Rivers

    Your hair looks great! Was your hair previously bleached/lifted before this appt? In your before picture, the ends of your hair look brown already. Maybe that’s why the blond took so well in the top area?

    • My hair was dyed previously but it was from a very long time ago. Dyed nonetheless, though. Like with any very light color it’s important to break down the lighting process into multiple sessions. My color now is way lighter and I used the same color blonde.