MANE Events: The “Thank The Lord It’s Not Ratchet” Twist Out

If you’ve been following the blog (and my YouTube Channel), you know that I said I would be testing out the Shea Moisture JBCO line that I received in my September curlBOX. Since then, I installed twists in my hair – all over my hair – and left them in for (get this) a week!

“Yea pRoy, but you’ve done that before.”
Yea, yea… I know but my hair wasn’t this short.  When I say I slept on these twists, went to the pool, ran miles and miles, and even wore them under turbans and my hair … gosh, my hair was a disaster.  Thankfully, I made sure to keep them moisturized but seriously guys my hair was sticking up, down, and sideways.  No bueno.  Kinda like the twists pictured below:
Today I decided to take them down and actually do SOMETHING with my hair.  First things first, I took out the twists one by one and used the JBCO styling lotion to moisturize my hair and the JBCO oil to seal it in.  Afterwards, I separated my twists for a fuller look and I finger styled as usual.  The results were amazing:
So far, I am digging this line.  A little more testing and I’ll do a full review.
How are you wearing your hair these days?