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MANE Events: How Long Did the Ultra Violet Manic Panic Hair Color Last?

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Five weeks ago, I dyed my natural hair purple using Manic Panic’s Ultra Violet Semi Permanent Hair Dye.  It never was incredibly vibrant (as in BRIGHT purple) because I didn’t lift my dark hair to a blonde color.  However, on my highlighted hair you can tell that the purple is definitely PURPLE. It really made my roller set POP!!!

So how did it hold up? What’s it looking like now?

My first wash after the initial dye job the color faded drastically.  I decided then to straighten my hair and cut it a little more (completely impulsive).  The purple was fading to a more red based purple.  Meh.  It was still pretty fly.
Within days I had to wash my hair again due to some crazy style I thought I was going to execute with a lot of hair gel (yep, didn’t work out) so now, as you can see, the color was mainly left in the middle where the majority of my highlights reside.

Fast forward to the next week, I washed and styled my hair and there was absolutely no trace of the purple on my sides and my roots.  The only remnants of purple left were on my tips, and at that time the tips were fading to a brownish red purple color.  Makes sense because most of my highlights were a lighter brown and some were a slightly lighter blonde color.

The next wash and my hair was more red-brown than anything.  There is no trace of the purple.  I’d say by the 4th wash the purple was gone!!! I knew going into the whole purple phase that it wouldn’t last, but I didn’t know it would only last 4 washes.  Wahhhhh!  Oh well – no color commitment, right?
Now I’m sitting here with almost magenta looking tips like … what’s next?  I have an idea on what I want to do buttttt I just gotta see if it’s what I want.  
Couple more weeks and I’ll know for sure… Stay tuned. 🙂
POLL: What color do you think I should dye my hair next? 
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