Top 5 Fitness Apps

TOP-5-FITNESS-APPS-ASKPROYI am sharing the top 5 fitness apps that I use to keep me on track with my fitness and dietary goals ANY time of the year!  I find that these apps increase my accountability and make it hard for me to roll over and do nothing.  Additionally, they are very user friendly and appear in my latest YouTube video “Top Five Fitness Apps“.

My Fitness Pal
This app is the food diary of all food diaries!  It has the ability to capture all of your eating habits (that’s if you let it) including scanning foods what you eat to capture the nutrition facts and logging your favorite recipes all while calculating how many calories you eat, burn, and have remaining for your day.  Start by inputing your desired calorie intake and be diligent in logging everything you eat – I mean down to a piece of gum!

My favorite part of the app is when it syncs with iOS8 and calculates how many steps I take in a day and offsets my caloric count.  It’s like doing work without doing work… HA!  Plus, if I exercise that day I can also input that and see how many calories I burned vs. how many I need to intake to maintain my current weight.  It’s truly awesome!

Nike Plus+ Running
Friends, my friends, you know my love affair with this app as it was the one I used during the SFLE Marathon in July challenge!  The features include GPS tracking your runs, scheduling your runs, racking up “rewards” for completing certain amount of runs or miles, and challenging your friends to run that extra mile!

My first love and by far my favorite app to log most of my exercises ranging from hiking to cycling … or even swimming or running.  It also is GPS enabled and as some of the best routes to foliow!  It’s especially awesome for that one-on-one coaching – the feedback it gives you is amazing.

Yoga Studio
By far my favorite app to use on my phone.  Yoga Studio has ready-made classes that one can download to get the ultimate yoga experience.  I particularly like the fact that it is divided into categories such as beginner, intermediate and advance and also strength, balance, flexibility, relaxation and combination.  It also breaks down classes based on duration just in case you can’t do that one hour yoga class today but want to get some exercise time in.

It is an absolute MUST USE after a long run! The stretch is amazing and they even have “classes” for runners.  If you’d like you make your own course feel free to customize your own and if you’d like to study specific poses there’s a place for that, too.

Pink Pad
This. app. right. here!  Track your menstrual cycle and ovulation phase with this app right here.  I love to use this in conjunction with my fitness apps because I am able to sync what is going on with my body with how my workout turned out.  Typically when I am on my cycle, anything from my cravings to mood can change in a split second.  This app helps me understand what’s going on and I can keep it public or even lock it up so that I can privately reflect.

All of these apps are explained in more detail in my video, their prices range from free to $2.99 and they are the real deal!

 What fitness apps do you use? Leave them below!