How I Upkeep a Twist Out on My Short Natural Hair


I’m ready to spill the beans on how I make my twist outs last so long on my short, natural hair, but are you ready to receive this information without prejudice?  Haaaaa!  I legit need to know because what I’m about to tell you is going to truly blow your mind.  By the way, that picture showcases DAY 4 HAIR!  Yea, bomb right?


If you remember from my previous post, you know that I had to take a minute and thank God that this twist out didn’t turn out ratchet because… well… the twists were saying otherwise.  Once I got my hair to look like above, I knew I had a full week ahead of me and needed my hair to look amazing.  I worked out three of those days (head full of sweat might I add) and didn’t think to re-twist my hair to even cover it up for that matter.  I literally did nothing to my hair… except this.

twist-out-on-tapered-fro-day-1-6-askpRoy The only thing I managed to do was not cover it in the shower (still avoided the direct water flow) and on Day 4 used a little bit of the Shea Moisture JBCO Styling Lotion to moisturize my hair.  After I worked that ever-so-lightly into my strands, I used a couple of pins to keep my part defined and what not… and that’s it.  In this side by side comparison, you can see a slight difference in my hair.  My twist out experienced a little shrinkage and lost a little definition, but other than that it held up quite nicely.

I don’t know what else to say about the styling/preservation process because this is my reality.  I try to execute styles that I know don’t require a lot of manipulation as I have found that my hair loves to just “be”.  Come to think about it, back in the day when I had more hair (read longer hair) and pineappled my twist out, I was practicing the same techniques.  You can see how I kept my twist out for 5 days here.

How do you preserve your twist out on your natural hair? Do you re-twist every night or just sleep on it?


  • Valerie Jones

    My hair is in a very similar cut except my sides and back are a tad longer. I’ve had this cut for about 3-4 weeks now and I’m still experimenting with styles. This is my 1st twist out and so far i’ve been retwisting because i’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot get that same shape/lift in the top as you…SIGH! LOL…not sure what I will do next. I might revisit the twist out again or go back to finger coiling….such a journey especially having never been this short in all my years!!!