MANE Events: The Filthier the Hair, The Harder the Stare

My hair is absolutely disgusting.

askpRoy hair in a huge fro hawkI don’t mean it in the sense of “I hate my hair” but more in the literal sense in that it needs a good washing or two.  I did exactly what I said I would do last Friday: I took of my turban and washed my tresses.  To set the style, I used my Giovanni Direct Leave-In and followed up with Creme of Nature with Argon Oil from Morocco Twirling Custard and Eco Styler Gel with Argon Oil to set my twists for a twist out.  I installed twists all over my head for this particular style.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the style, but this is how I rocked it (pictured with the love of my life):


Glad I decided to do something with my hair because I met one of the sweetest human beings on Earth, the one and only Jordin Sparks!  She even complimented me, praising both my hair and attire *sweeeeeeet* I love everything about all of this!

jordin-sparks-askpRoy-mcsadsarinThe following days I didn’t really do much with my hair – no retwisting, only moisturizing here and there.  Since then, I’ve ran more than a few times which you know causes dirt on the scalp from the sweat and still haven’t washed my hair.  That twist out I had? Yep, gone.  I ended up going out with a turban one of those days because I just didn’t feel like doing my hair.

pRoy after a run

Eventually it got to a point where I was like “listen P, enough is enough” and I was moving to wash my hair BUTTTTTT see… what had happened was… I moisturized my hair with some water, ran some Twirling Custard through my hair, and used a little Eco Styler gel to define the coils on the sides, pinned up the middle slightly (kinda like a ‘fro hawk) and let it air dry.  I liked the results so much that I just wore it out:

360 view of tapered fro 'fro hawk on askpRoy

So you see, this is nothing but filthy hair.  There isn’t any special process, much less special product or technique that I used to capture this style.  This was just me letting my hair be.  Since I have much to do this weekend, I think I’ll bite the bullet and wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo so that it’s squeaky clean for the Hair Color Crush meet up in Chicago!  See the flyer below for more details:


How are you wearing your hair this week? 

  • VeCoya Gee

    Yes JORDIN! *Sighs* I can relate sometimes its takes so much energy to tame this mane