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MANE Events: Tons of Turbans

Currently I am totally twisted up in turbans!  BEFORE YOU ASK: Yes, I’m still enjoying my new color and shape, but I really just needed a breather from my hair this past week.  Plus, I bought two new scarves from Anthropologie and Aldo and couldn’t wait to use them *giggles* HEY, sue me!

To tie the scarves, I used two different methods.  Here’s a video on how I achieved the looks pictured below.

In the top look, I didn’t include the other half of the scarf into the burrito and just loosely pinned it around to since I wanted to showcase the bright colors and patterns.  Scarf is from Aldo.

turban-on-natural-hair-askpRoy IMG_0780

I currently do not have a video on how I tied the scarf below, but if you would like I would be more than willing to show you – it’s really a piece of cake! *putting that on the to-do list* Scarf is from Anthropologie.

IMG_0791My favorite part about wearing these scarves/turbans were mixing them with fun prints!  I also wore one with no prints at all – just had the scarf being the focal point of the outfit.  I got so many compliments by doing something soooooo simple.



Since I have a dinner party to attend I figure I should go ahead and wash and style my hair, right?  We shall see what I’ve got cooking up next!

How are you wearing your hair this week?

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