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Tutorial: Cocoon Curls using Shea Moisture JBCO

cocoon-curls-natural-hair-askpRoy-holiday-hairThe holidays are here and that means that people will be scrambling trying to figure out how they want to wear their hair.  Won’t be me this year – heck, won’t even be you since you’re reading this.  In collaboration with 4cHairChick and their “Everyday Beautiful” campaign hosted by Shea Moisture, I have come up with a style that any natural could wear with confidence, style and grace:  COCOON CURLS!!!

What the heck are cocoon curls and how did you do them on your natural hair? Yea, that would be my first question when reading the title of this post.  The word “cocoon” refers to overall look of the style while it is setting.  The “curls” part comes from the end result.

I used the entire Shea Moisture JBCO Strengthen, Grown and Restore line.  I’ve done a review on this line before and I have to say I really like it!  The first step is washing and conditioning your hair.  The next step is to apply your leave-in, seal with an oil and install twists with the moisturizer pretty much all over your head.  The final step before letting the hairstyle set is installing the cocoons.  I couldn’t really put into words how to install them, so please let this video be a guide: 

It’s so simple, really.  The biggest issue is the takedown and making sure that you don’t, in fact, create knots in your hair.  It’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you unwind your hair in the opposite direction in which you twisted the cocoon … super important.  And for the best results just take your time.  It’s not a sprint – it’s a marathon CLEARLY!  See how long my hair held up with this style?  7. WHOLE. DAYS!

cocoon-curls-natural-hair-seven-days-askpRoyAnd on Days 8 and 10, I did what any respectable natural would do when they just don’t have the time to wash their hair: wear a hat OR create a turban style!


Had fun trying this new style and can definitely see myself wearing it way more often.

How will you be styling your hair for the Holidays?