curlBOX: November & December 2014

Well, here it is the end of the year and I have received my last curlBOX!  Bittersweet I’ll say, but 2015 will be filled with many more products just not via curlBOX.  I was getting too much product too frequently – like, I can’t get through everything! Lol… so I had to cancel my subscription.

I’m not a product junkie by any means, but with my new short cut I thought trying out new things would be feasible.  You know like I know depending your length, style and cut different products produce different results.  I have officially exhausted all shelf space to explore any further!

I just now noticed that I didn’t update you guys on my November curlBOX (shame on me) so here goes: a complete ORS Olive Oil Takeover!


I can’t really say I’m an ORS girl.  I have used their products in the past – the Hair Lotion, Hair Mayonnaise and Smooth and Hold Pudding, but everything else was relatively new to me.  Tried the shampoo out and there are no real complaints on that.  I’ll have to do a formal review later on that.  The other products though?  Yea – naa.  I was going to test out the edge control but one of my IG followers put me up on game to check out the reviews.  Between the thinning edges and completely snatched off edges I’m good on trying that.  I did use these products to style my hair though, take a look:


As for this December box, the only product I have used before is the Ouidad Clarifying Cream Shampoo – one of my favorites for sure!  Wish we could have gotten that in a larger package!!  Creme of Nature recently released the “Straight from Eden” line so I’ll be checking out both the Repairing Oil and Detangling Foam.  Elasta QP normally is a quick “go-to” when you’re on the road and don’t have your staples or can’t find anything else that works for you.  I’ll give the Leave-In Conditioner a try and report back!


Have you guys used any of these products before?  What are your thoughts?