#PWOKEUPLIKETHIS The Short Hair Edition


Remember when #PWokeUpLikeThis?  You know how to I like to refresh old twist outs, guys!! Well, I’ve done it again only this time with shorter hair.  Let me get you story –

Day One. The Fresh Twist Out.  I used Shea Moisture JBCO hair lotion and Eco Styler gel to set my twists.  The sides were set using the same by this method.


This is Day Three.  Not-so-fresh anymore, but defined nonetheless.

refreshed-twistout-short-natural-hair-side-askpRoy-pwokeuplikethis refreshed-twistout-short-hair-side-askpRoy-pwokeuplikethis

How I preserved my hair: I went to sleep on a satin pillowcase.  No bonnet.  No scarf.  Just hair on pillow. WHEN I WOKE UP, this is what I did: 

In short, I a little spritzed water on my sides and back and worked it in using my fingers in a circular motion.  For the middle, I used a combo of water and oil to moisturize it, pinned it with a few Bobbi pins anddddddd FIN.

I am pretty good at keeping my hair defined without having to twist or manipulate my hair at night as you can see demonstrated here with a 3 day old twist out and here with a 4 day old twist out.  I can’t make these things up… seriously.

I hope that helps many of you short haired Queens who just can’t seem to make it work.  There are days when I sleep all over my hair and it looks shot to hell.  I get it.  I’ll work on a style series and try to capture my hair at it’s absolute “what the crap?” stage so that you can see what I did with it.  As a matter of fact, here’s a glimpse of one of those days!


How do you maintain your short, natural hair style at night?