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How I Get My Natural Hair to Stand Up


It’s been proven: when my natural hair needs to be washed it does some magical things!  You can’t tell me making your hair stand tall on top of your head (in the most beautiful way possible) is not magical.  Everyone can’t do it.  Everyone doesn’t have that magic.

Well… what if I told you I can SHOW YOU how to make your natural hair reach closer to the heavens even when it’s freshly washed?  Would you like that? You wanna know how to get your natural hair to stand up?


To be real, most of the time when I style my hair it stands up from jump.  I actually can AIR DRY my hair and have it stand up (behold: the pick).  I’ll pick directly at the roots (don’t want to disturb the rest of the hair) and build volume around the scalp – yanno: stay low and build.  If the longer parts of my hair won’t stay erect I can do the following: pull them up and pray that they will stay standing and/or I’ll add a couple pins here and there to help it stay put.


But sometimes we just don’t have time to let out hair air dry and we have to keep it moving quickly… doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our crowns, though.


In my latest tutorial, I am performing what most call a wash and go (but what I call defining your coils) and giving you a one-on-one on how I make my hair stand.  I am using Bee Mine products (remember when I used those for this flat twist out?) and very minimal styling tools.  This style isn’t limited to these styling products!  In fact, I achieved a similar look using Obia Natural Haircare. Check out the video below:

If you need a quick reference, save this to your device and keep it for quick reference. This pictorial shows the process to a “T”.


Having a kinkier texture really REALLY pays off with this style and shrinkage is IMPERATIVE! Embrace them both!

How are you styling your tapered ‘fro these days?