Why I Love My Type 4 Natural Hair!

Guys LISTEN UP: I love my type 4 natural hair!  *gasp* She’s using the typing system! I know, I know… Categorizing my natural hair hasn’t ever really been my thing.  Seriously.  I do feel as though it can be helpful for this topic, though.  It also may clear up one of my most frequently asked questions:

“What is your hair type?”

For all typing purposes, my hair is a type 4.  I won’t delve into 4a-b-c because that’s really not that important.  I have them all, so there.  That’s settled.

I’ve never wished I had someone else’s texture.  What is their’s is for them.  Furthermore, if God intended me to have that then I would have been blessed (abundantly blessed might I add) with it.  But I wasn’t – so I have to love what I have and be grateful that I have it to even style, manipulate, and wear!

I love my hair because of the definition I get from each of the styles I try.  Whether defined or “defined”, my coils behave how they want and I love it.  My twist outs? Bomb.  My twist sets? Bomb.  My roller sets?  BOMB.  When I define my coils?  THE. BEST. EVER. Do you see where I’m going with this?  The definition that my hair holds is like none other and I love it for that.

I love my hair because of how dimensional it is.  Without the color, my hair has character and shape.  It varies in height, width and density.  It can be standing tall on my head one day and the next, laying flat against my ears.  Since being enhanced with color, the eye tricks my hair plays is ridiculous.  Each one of my coils explodes with a pop of color!  An ordinary style turns into something not so ordinary just because of the color.  It’s so fun to style!

This ties into the next reason I love my hair: it’s so versatile.  One day I’m rocking my natural texture, the next day I’ve manipulated it to something completely different.  I’ve sported soooooo many styles with my natural hair texture: twist out, twist set, perm rod set, flexi-rod set, defined coils, marley twists, crochet braids and variations of the like … so. many. damn. styles.

My type 4 natural hair is freakin’ magical.  MAGICAL.  What other texture can make their hair stand straight up in the air? What other hair type grows OUT instead of DOWN?  YOU TELL ME THAT AIN’T MAGIC!


I love my type 4 natural hair for the shrinkage.  Without shrinkage, a lot of my favorite styles to execute would be extremely hard.  Because my sides and back of my hair shrink up so much I can rock with taper cut with no problems.  You see that DECEPTION (which is another reason why I love my hair)?  When my hair was longer, the shrinkage kept my ends off of my sweaters where, when rubbed against my ends, could cause damage.  My shrinkage has afforded me the ability to rock my hair is a full blown AFRO! GAHT-TOE-MIGHTY y’all…

But the NUMBER ONE reason I love my hair is because God made it and whatever HE makes is beautiful.  That’s really all the reason I need.

Why do you love your hair?

  • Valerie Jones

    Love this article!!

  • Jas Jackson

    Yea this was a pretty cool way of saying, “Hey, my style + grade of hair is EVERYTHING, so different, so versatile.” Liked the part about our hair growing OUT instead of DOWN.