2015 Hair Goals + 2014 Recap & HUGE THANKS!

Happy New Year!

Hubby and I took a moment to reflect what 2014 brought us and found ourselves in a state of extreme gratefulness.  God has been extremely good to us this year!  From moving to sunny AZ from wintery MN, to traveling up and down the Pacific Coast Highway, to witnessing a few of our friends marry their best friends, to … just everything!  The list goes on and on and on but one thing is for sure: we are grateful for what has happened and are ready for what God has in store!

My biggest goal in 2014 for my hair was to grow out my shaved sides.  It was time and well… I wanted a change.  While growing I decided enough was enough of the weird cut and cut myself a shape into my mane.  This was probably one of the best decisions I made in 2014.  While rocking my new tapered fro look, I dyed my hair purple and eventually got my hair cut and dyed into this awesomeness we have grown to love now.  I worked with brands that I love and admire and even got to meet a few of you guys – my family!

For 2015, as explained below, I want to continue my growth journey and showcase/execute styles for the “awkward natural length phase”.  You know the phase we all go through where our hair is longer than what we think but shorter than what we’d like and we can’t really “do anything”… or so we think.  My mission is to get through that phase victoriously by exploring styles that I wouldn’t necessarily attempt and coming up with styles that will be fun, beautiful and inspiring.  I hope you’ll come along that journey with me. 

I really appreciate each and every one of your kind words, your shares, your styles, your laughs, your support… I appreciate you for being you.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you!

As posed in the video, my question to you all is what would you like to see more of from me? Leave all your suggestions below!  Also, what are your 2015 hair goals?  Share those, inspire others.