I DID IT! My First Half Marathon: The Experience


It is with much joy and enthusiasm that I present you guys with the following news:

I, pRoy, completed my FIRST half marathon race!  WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!
*does cabbage patch*

And now that I can walk again, I felt like I would share my race experience with you all.  I participated in the Rock and Roll Marathon here in Phoenix, Arizona.  Being that it was my first race I didn’t know what to expect so I just went with the flow, but I wanted to leave a few tips here for first timers:

The best mode of transportation to the race was using the metro so Hubby and I (though going separate ways) both took the metro to our start destinations.  We parked in a location where we could access the metro to get back.  I would HIGHLY recommend that mode of transportation should you decide you want to participate in this race in the future.

Another great tip: use the restroom before you get there.  I did use the restroom before I got there BUT I had to go again before starting the race.  When your body says go, you gotta go (at least for me I do) so when I had to go again it came as a surprise.  I wish I didn’t because the bathrooms port-a-potties were DISGUSTING.  Yes, yes… they were gross.  I say that as a person who is open to using public restrooms when nature says go.  I wasn’t here for those…

Rest well the night before.  Pre-race jitters is a thing and they can keep you up all night, seriously.  Encourage yourself to fall asleep if you can.  Hot tea is calming and relaxing.  Also try a hot bath just for relaxation sake.

I’ve got a few other tips along with my full experience and if I will ever race again can be found in this video below:


Thank you all for all of your encouraging words!  You helped me get through this more than you know.  I love you guys!