Refreshing a Wash and Go | #PWokeUpLikeThis

refreshing-a-wash-and-go-on-type-4-hair-askproyI had a lot of questions on how I refresh my natural hair when it’s in a twist out, but an even more overwhelmingly requested approach on how I maintain my wash and gos (I like to refer to them as defining my coils).  It’s reallllllly, really simple.  Like really simple.

Here is what my hair looks like after I use a little bit of Obia Natural Hair Curl Hydration Spray to refresh my coils:refreshing-a-wash-and-go-on-type-4-hair

I also use Alikay Lemongrass Leave-In and just plain water as options, too.  Depending on how parched my hair feels I’ll reach for either one of those sprays, use a little oil (I’m using Creme of Nature’s 100% Pure Argon Oil here) and I’m ready to go!  Note that I don’t do it every single day either, only when I need to give some extra love to my coils.

Since I wasn’t able to snap a pic prior to the process, here’s a video that shows you the EXACT process from start to finish:

When my coils are defined, my hair is the easiest to maintain.  Natural curls are just easy that way!


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How do you refresh your wash and go?