Beauty: The Quest for Organic and Natural Beauty Products

I’m tired.

I’m tired of using beauty products that I know aren’t the safest for my skin.

I’m tired of investing in my health but forsaking my skin for the latest trendiest beauty products, serums, and soaps.

It’s time for a change which is why I have decided to begin my quest for the BEST organic and natural beauty products out there.  I am actively LOOKING for organic makeup (natural makeup) to use in my regular makeup routine.

I started this journey wayyyy long ago when I started using ZuZu Luxe, a brand I found at my local health food store and I really liked the foundation.  Due to the inability to readily find it when my tube ran out PLUS (at the time) having an issue with how much the product cost, I stopped using it.

From there, I started exploring drugstore foundations, creams, shadows, lipsticks – you name it, I tried it.  Unfortunately, my skin was suffering through the process.  I had countless breakouts (not that my skin isn’t acne prone anyway) and have finally decided enough is enough.  This time I started my journey with my best friend, Google, by typing in something along the lines of “natural and organic beauty for women of color” and saw a few different sites that linked to great products to try.  I was thrilled to see that a lot of these sites had sample sizes of their products so that people who were unsure of their color tones (such as myself) could try out some different products without shelling out $25+ for a beauty product I may not use again.

Lucky for you guys, I have started a series on my YouTube in which I will be sharing my first impressions and reviews of organic and natural beauty products that I am testing out.  The first product line in the series is Alima Pure Beauty so stay tuned!

Are you using natural and organic beauty products?
Please list what you are using in the comment section below!

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    Beauty without cruelty (BWC) is a more natural aha face wash I love. I started using it after my daughter was born and I had bad acne along each jawline. It cleared it up and the acne scars which is something that hadn’t happened in the past. And I’m also a “woman of color”