The Unpredictable Turban (Headwrap)

I love rockin’ a beautiful head wrap on my short natural hair, especially when it is under the weather (read: looking janky).  It is the easiest way to get away with not combing or styling my hair for the day and looking absolutely elegant while perpetrating like my hair is completely on point!

There are times, though, that I like to just make up the turban style as I go.  Typically, that’s how I create my new ones and pray VERY HARD if I like it enough to be able to recreate the look.  Well, I thought I would be able to recreate this look:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Instead, I came up with this look:

IMG_2799(same scarf, different lighting)

It was similar in execution, I swear, but I really didn’t know which way I took the under part and well… I came up with another look, hence why it’s named “The Unpredictable Turban”.  Check out how I executed this on-the-fly head wrap style:

How do you come up with your turban styles?