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Beauty: Vapour Organic Beauty (First Impressions and Review)

If you’re following my journey in which I am on the quest for the best organic and natural beauty products, you know that I am currently trying out sample sizes from different cosmetic companies to see if I like the products enough to purchase a larger size.  This post will focus on the brand Vapour Organic Beauty and I will share with you my first impressions of the brand as well as my thoughts.


I ordered my Vapour Organic Beauty samples through their website,, and I was able to purchase five samples (my choice of products) for $15.  They even have a special shipping price for the sample sizes ($2.30) and have a stipulation in which you cannot order the same product twice.  I purchased the following products:


Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation s150
Atmosphere Luminous Foundation 150
Illusionist Concealer 040
Illusionist Concealer 050
Siren Lipstick VIBE 411

I also looked around their site to see what they were all about and was most intrigued by them because their products are 70% organic which makes it safe to use on multiple places on the face – eyes, cheeks, lips, etc. What I did not know is how the samples would be delivered.  I had a terribly awful time trying to blend the samples into my skin and an even harder time trying to get that ONE foundation out of the tube.  Check out the application process below:

My Final Conclusions

Yea, I haven’t had any luck finding the colors that work best with my skin because … I’m clueless.  If they were right in front of me (like in a store with samples) this process would be sooooo much easier, but because computer screens vary in color resolutions and what not, it’s really hard to tell with these things.  I’m thinking maybe I would fall more in the line of the 140 color range, but I still just don’t know.  Additionally, I wasn’t a fan of how the samples were packaged particularly the foundation in the tube.  It just wasn’t coming out and because of that I am not really able to see what it could potentially be for me… bummer.

They have face models on their website, but no one remotely my color.  There is a video of a young lady applying the makeup to her face who is brown skin, but the quality of the video is questionable and her skin is ALREADY flawless as ever… she doesn’t even need the makeup!  However, I can appreciate the fact that another lady they used their makeup on had a skin that wasn’t flawless and I got to see the coverage of the products.  That was good marketing for a woman who has acne prone skin much like myself.


I totally want to like this brand because of the ingredients but I don’t know if I can get with it.  I looked wayyyyy too dewy and I can’t chance walking around here in the AZ heat with makeup melting off of my face.  Just can’t.  Maybe with a pressed powder to take away the shine? Hmmmmm….

Have you tried Vapour Organic Beauty?  What do you like or dislike about the brand?

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