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Beauty: BLAC Minerals Cosmetics (First Impression & Review)

Another day, another cosmetic sample to review and this time it’s BLAC Minerals Cosmetics.  It’s important for me to note that I am on a quest for the best organic and natural beauty products for my brown skin.  Why?  You can find out more here.  Are you guys enjoying this journey as much as I am?  Because I am really excited about my findings, especially this particular brand.

I instantly took a liking to BLAC Minerals Cosmetics when I found out it is a black owned and operated business.  Merced Saint Boyce, much like myself, was on a quest to find natural beauty products in her color and to her dismay could find absolutely nothing.  She created the brand BLAC Minerals.  Just like the other brands I have tried so far, BLAC Minerals provides sample sizes for $3 on their website  The sample sizes arrived in small, ziplock baggies like this:


What I Purchased
Mineral Foundation in Amber
Mineral Foundation in Toffee
Mineral Foundation in Mocha
Satin Blush in Currant
Satin Blush in Raisin

As mentioned in the video below, the process of picking out the right shade for my skin was made a little easier because of the video on their website that helped break down which celebrity would wear the foundation shade.  Though it’s hard to really figure out which undertone one may match, having that as a guide was actually more helpful than anything. Check out the video for my first impressions and more:

My Final Conclusions
Right off the bat I noticed the color payoff was AMAZEBALLS!  I picked three shades so that I could see which would best suit me and TOFFEE is my color.  It has great coverage for a mineral foundation and is so lightweight – I really feel like I’m wearing close to nothing.  *Please take note that in these pictures I have the combination of all of the foundations on as I just finished filming my first impressions. 


The only issue I had was with the packaging.  It is hard to use mineral based anything when it is in a baggie.  It gets EVERYWHERE, it’s messy and it’s just hard to use.  I ended up emptying the bag of Toffee in an old foundation container and am using it that way.


Although I am not a huge fan of mineral foundations, I’ve debated purchasing this foundation because I was just that impressed.  I wish major retailers carried this product so that I could see it up close and personal but I may have to take the plunge and get the full size.

Also, how cool is it that I combined these products with the Alima Pure products to create this look?  So cool – and beautiful, too!! *This picture was taken in natural light and only the foundation Toffee was used during application


 Have you used BLAC Minerals Cosmetics?  What are your thoughts?