MANE Events: The Style that Lasted 7+ Days!


I LOVE rocking low maintenance hairstyles for natural hair!  After Day 2 of this roller set twist out, I didn’t know exactly if it would even last as long as it did BUT BOY OH BOY was I shocked!  After refreshing my roller set on Day 3, the style lasted for the rest of the week without much manipulation.

On Day 4, I fluffed my hair.  That’s it.

On Day 5, I didn’t even TOUCH my hair.  You know what I did?  I went out just like you see.

Day 6 I didn’t even take a picture because my hair looked just like Day 5 and by Day 7 – a whole week after I initially installed the style – my hair still looks bomb.

Here is how I refresh my style in the morning – no kidding!  It’s so simple.  I’m showing you how I do this in less than 15 seconds and it literally takes me less than 3 minutes to get it how I want it.

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So, not only is this still low maintenance, it’s also a low manipulation style.  Yes, you can WEAR YOUR HAIR OUT and it still be considered a PROTECTIVE STYLE (and experience growth)!

How Do You Sleep?
I sleep on a satin pillow case (Pillow Bonnet) pretty much every night.  I say ‘pretty much’ because it’s been in the wash for this past week so I’ve been sleeping on a regular pillow case.  I am training myself to sleep on my sides or my back.  Yes, laying on my stomach would keep my hair fresh but it messes with my skin.  All the oils from the pillow annoy my face and well – bumps.  I’m so good on that.

A cotton pillow case can be drying to your tresses so make sure you moisturize your hair regularly.

Here are some other ways I refresh my hair with different styles that I wear:

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What is your favorite low manipulation hairstyle?