MANE Events: Marley Twists on Short Natural Hair

It is no secret that when I travel I like to wear a protective style, but what about installing Marley twists on short natural hair?  Since protective styles are way easier to maintain than my natural hair while overseas (because doesn’t require a lot of extra styling products in my luggage) I had to try it!  Would it be hard because my hair was so short?  Would my hair be too heavy for my edges?

I used the same techniques I used from a previous Marley twists install.  Remember when I installed Marley twists to wear during my trip to Thailand? Well, this time I would be visiting the Philippines and I wanted them to be just as long and full as before.

But I didn’t have any Marley hair.

Because I just moved to AZ and am unfamiliar with the area, I google searched ‘Beauty Supply stores’ and found a store that sold Marley style braiding hair. There were so many brands and I was slightly overwhelmed, but I ended up choosing this brand:


Bobbi Boss Lock and Twist Braid (for Two Strand Twists) in 18″ length and in colors T1-30 and 27.  I bought 5 packs of hair (three T1B-30 and two 27).  I used 4 packs of hair (all 3 dark colors and one light color) and a little bit of a 5th pack (not enough to consider it half so maybe a quarter). I used two strands of Marley hair per twist.  I didn’t count how many twists I installed, but it took longer than it has in the past because I have more hair to twist (hello no-so-shaved sides) and because my hair is shorter in some areas.  I had to really get a good grip on the hair!  This time, the install took me about 4 hours give and take some breaks. It wasn’t too bad because I was able to watch some TV/movies during the process.

I started the process on freshly washed hair that I allowed to air dry the day before and used Giovanni Shampoo and Conditioner, Bee Mine BEE-U-TIFUL Deep Conditioner and Giovanni Direct Leave In for that. I also would suggest washing the Marley hair to rid it of the chemicals used by the companies to preserve the synthetic hair. I have a post on how I wash my Marley hair  that could be very helpful for this process. The next day, I used Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave-In to spritz my hair, Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer to moisturize and seal and Eco Styler gel for hold.

4 hours later and I was sporting my new Marley Twists with so much pride! I loved them so much! Need help installing your own Marley twists? Check out this link and the video below:

For maintenance, I washed scalp once with the Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Tea Tree Cleanser focusing strictly on the scalp and allowed for the runoff from rinsing to cleanse the twists. I didn’t use a conditioner, just simply sprayed the hair with Alikay Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner and allowed my hair to air dry.

I only sported a few different styles during this trip, which includes some of the following looks:



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset marley-twists-bun

I would say I’ve never seen people so fascinated with my hair but that would be a lie. I did get a lot of stares and people ASKED me if they could touch my hair prior to putting their hands in my hair (much appreciated). I will say, every time I sport these beauties I get tons of attention and compliments!

If you’d like more Marley twists style inspiration, but sure to check out this article and video:

The hair I used wasn’t my favorite so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it again, but other than that I loved the style. It lasted me 10 days (only because I had to take them out for a prescheduled hair appointment), but these could definitely last a few weeks with proper maintenance. I used the tips from my article “how to take down protective styles” to ensure proper take down.

How do you wear your hair when you travel internationally? Are you into protective styling or do you just wear your natural hair?

  • JenniD

    They looked liked they held up well. The colors you chose matched your hair color really really well. I generally don’t protective style. I would most likely get a hair cut so that my hair would just be low maintenance while abroad but these are also a good idea. Easy to install and not not much fuss once they are in

  • msdougy

    I rather a protective style for the same reason less maintenance and less products to pack.